Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 105

So far since I have started my goal of drinking more water I haven't really had an issue until today. This morning I got up and it said -17. I am freezing and I have had more coffee today then I have ever had. I will drink all my water. It is just taking me forever today.

Went to Zumba today. I love it!! I could do it everyday and I would be in heaven. My legs are sore and my butt hurts but that means that it is working, right? Can't wait until tomorrows class. Then Friday is the treadmill. How boring, huh.

We went to sit in the sauna after class today

OK I am not really sure what is proper in a sauna because the only one I have been in has been in 24 Hour Fitness but we walked in today and a woman was laying there naked as a jay bird with everything out. Nothing on top of her or anything. I have no problem with that but question is what is the etiquette of someone laying in there naked. Do we not go in? Can you still go in? Do you come in naked (which I will not do)? We left manly because we weren't expecting that. I should of know better. We are in Germany.

Tomorrow is weigh in and the scale still hasn't moved. It is so frustrating because I am eating the right amount of food,exercising & have cut soda out of my diet. I guess we will see tomorrow.

I really don't want to go back to where I was in January 2008. Crying in the closet because nothing fits and a refusal to shop in the women's size department. It was the worst day of my life and I think my husband saw finally how much I was unhappy with myself. I am so glad that I am getting this under control but if the scale doesn't move soon I might be crying again. This time I won't be in a closet because Germans don't have closets.

"The fastest way to pass your own expectations is to add passion to your labor" -Mike Litman


LadyRaven said...

Everyone here lies completely naked. As far as I know there is nothing against you sitting there. As long as they are on something it should be fine

Tiff said...

Um...I find that kind of weird that she was laying there butt naked. It is just plain strange.

However, she knows that she is in a public place so I think you are more than welcome to go in! Maybe I'm naive but I don't think many people in America would feel comfortable doing that- but who knows!

I'm sending you good vibes for your weigh in tomorrow!

Amy said...

Hi Sara!! LOL! Your story of the sauna totally made me laugh out loud.... I totally get it! I had the very same experience of naked people in saunas and jacuzzi's... women of course on the women's side... lol! But I totally get what you are saying. You go in whether you are naked or clothed... lol! I wondered the same!

So wonderful to meet you... loved reading up on your blog!!

Hugs.. Amy

Lacey said...

I'm glad you're enjoying Zumba! I have no beat. You know this. You have seen this. Even THINKING about Zumba makes me fall out of my chair and hit my head clumsily on the file cabinet. Ug.

I wouldn't have known what to do with the naked German lady either. Except... weren't you on base? In the Army Gym? Either way, I wouldn't worry about it. Everybody has their thing I guess. Just make sure to bring Lysol wipes, seriously. ;-)

Marcelle said...

As LadyRaven said to you in South Africa they do lie naked or sit with towels around have that choice.
I was also shocked when I went in one time and saw E~VERYTHING as some woman was lying with her knees up and legs open..boy that made me so uncomfortable.
Wont go to the German ones as men and woman go in together...thats a no no to me.

Am so thrilled you are getting out to the gym finally, takes one a while to settle into a new country...when you get your car you can then get yourself to gym and not rely on someone else.

Sorry to hear the weather has stopped you today, it snowed over night here but its okay and not as cold as I'm on my way out the door to Rewe and then gym.
Heinz comes home this evening..want to get his banana's for tomorrow as there are none left and he loves banana with his breakfast, and I'm going to buy some chocolate as he also likes a block or two after dinner...
Then time to sweat. This evening I'm going to teach my aerobic ladies...

Fran said...

In Holland people are naked in the sauna too. That's why I never go because I'm not comfertable with my body yet.

-17???? It was -9 here yesterday and that's already cold for us, we're not used to that :)

My new gym has Zumba on Saturday morning so I'm definitely going to try that. Let you know if I like it.