Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 85- Weigh In

Today is the first weigh in of the New Year. The day to see if I had done any more damage with the holidays. I only started working out on Tuesday and before breakfast. Tuesday was the first day I decided to put my plan of working out twice a day in play and Tuesday was the first day that I thought drinking 48oz of water a day was a good idea. Well I have done that for 2 days in a row it is hard. When I am cold I am not thirsty. Enough about that though I am sure you are dying to know what the scale said right?? I am pretty sure this cute little penguin says it all.

I lost 4.2 pounds. Yup I got on the scale and off twice. It said the same number and I decided not to press my luck so I am taking it. I mean if you get that number twice it has to be right, right? That means that I have lost a total of 20.1 pounds and I have 33.9 to go.

I was looking back at what I weighed in at my highest weight ever. How the hell I ever got that high or the fact that not one person asked me what my problem was amazes me. I wish someone would of said something sooner but I did this myself and there is no one to blame but me. It's not like I never saw my reflection in some mirror somewhere. I really don't think it is impossible not to know what you are doing to yourself. Anyways I have lost 32.1 pounds total. It amazes me that my husband found me sexy then and sexy now. Hello I am 32 pounds lighter.

Marcelle asked me if I had any pictures of me at my highest and honestly I have avoided the camera at cost. As much as I wanted to be in the picture, have the memories I knew I was better off taking the picture. I wanted no proof of any kind that I had let myself go. Well I dug deep and found these on my computer. Both have to do with Chris and is probably the only reason I was talked into such nonsense.

This one was in Feb. 2008 so I know it was my highest weight ever because I joined Weight Watchers the next month.

This one is Dec. 2007. The day my husband came home after a 15 month deployment. The reason my eyes where so red. A lot of crying well waiting for the speech to end so I could hug my hubby.

Now this one was before I got pregnant. I weighed in during the 2 to 3 month of pregnancy at 120 so I figure that's what I weighed in this picture. I would love to weigh that again.

After messing with the BMI calculators though 120 is considered under weight. I think the lowest that I can go and still be healthy is 130.Not sure what my husband would say about that one. We will have to see.


Marcelle said...

I'm jumping with joy for you my friend...what a loss!!!
Shows you what you are able to do if you set your whole mind to something.

You have lost so much weight since that *fat* photo of have to add it to your side bar as a reminder to yourself of how far you have have lost so so much weight...

The skinny you is stunning, you were much younger as well...but I do agree 130/145 pounds would be perfect for you,take it pound by pound and decided - that's how I did it...

Am so proud of my sarah today..
Huge hug xx

Fran said...

What a great weight result! Congratulations, your hard work paid off.

You're such a beautiful woman! Love the pics no matter what your weight is on them.

Diane said...

Wow Sarah! I don't think I've ever posted a 4 lbs loss in my life!! Great job!!!

Are you sure that you are eating?

Lacey said...

Holy cow, Sarah! Over 4 pounds in ONE WEEK?! Niiiiice!

I'm with Marcelle, I think 120 is WAY too skinny. You're too freaking tall to weigh that! Plus you have to remember you're lifting weights and whatnot, and muscle weighs more than fat...