Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 91

I have an obsession, fixation, an addiction or whatever you want to call with the scale. Not a day goes by that I don't step on it. Even when I am on my period and I know that it will show a gain or when I am at Marcelle's house and I have no clue what I weigh anyways because it is in kilos. Either way I step on the scale. Sometimes more then once in a day.

This has it's pros and cons. One of the pros is I feel more in control of my journey. One of the cons is well what happened today. I got on the scale like I do everyday and it still hasn't moved from last Thursday. I told my cousin that 4 pd. loss was going to have more pressure on me then I wanted. I can't get the scale to move. I am working out, drinking my water, and I even felt like my food was better.

My issue with weight loss has always been and still is when I get discouraged I want to throw in the towel. I get in the I am threw. What am I doing that is so wrong? Why is that other people can lose weight but I am struggling. I even got so down today that I thought about stopping my blog.

I walked away from it for awhile and thought about it. Then realized that this is a journey. No one is going to go through this without a bad day or bad weigh in. We are human. Yes throwing in the towel would be so much easier but even though I wish I could have marvelous weigh ins and not battle with the scale everyday there is a reason that I am losing at the rate I am.

I have been looking at more videos today. I think I need to mix it up more. Give my body more variety. When I belonged to a gym my schedule was Mon. & Wed. morning where cardio & weights & the evening was water aerobics. Tues & Thur. morning was water aerobics that were different from the evening and Fri. morning was cardio and racquetball. That is what I miss. All the variety. I think I might need to mix in a few different videos. I found this great site that lets me watch short clips of them so I know what I am getting into.

I have to stay strong. I am so afraid right now I might just throw in the towel.

"Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters" -Nathaniel Emmons


Marcelle said...

Dont, dont, dont, u dare throw in the towel, thats the easy way out of this journey and you are no quitter.

You need to take a step back and relax about things more...
I think you have nothing else in Germany but your weight to worry about...we need to find you another hobby....what??

Lindsay, another priorfatgirl said...

Hey girl! Feel free to post the award on any blog you'd like! I'm surprised! I wasn't following this one... I am now! :)

Fran said...

You won't throw in the towel because Marcelle and I won't let you!

You're right: this is a journey. I have bad days too but in the end, for example looking at the pictures on my blog today, I know why I'm doing this. You'll get there!

Good idea to mix up your dvd's. I like the shred but doing the same workout 10 days in a row: that's not something I like, I get bored.

Katie J said...

Hang in there Sarah! You are NOT giving it up! You will be better tomorrow but meanwhile be extra kind to yourself. Do something special for YOU.

dawne said...

I won't let you throw in the towel or quit blogging! What if you weigh yourself only twice a week, at the same time each day? Don't make yourself crazy. You will still be able to monitor how you're doing with 2x a week. It's so freeing...really!!! I used that scale like it was a trampoline. It's not worth it! I wish we could get together and talk this through!!! Learn from my 25 years of mistakes in regards to that scale. Thinking of you!! xx said...

Lovely Blog Sarah :-) I am a perfect 10 buddie so I thought i'd come and encourage you. YOU CAN DO THIS! You'll be so glad you did :-) Love the photos too. You are so pretty! You go girl! Never give up :-)

Lacey said...

You can't stop now, you're doing so great! And we knew this week was going to suck, right? :-)

You are going to have bad weigh-ins, and it's not at all because you're doing anything wrong. It's because rather than going on some crazy diet that you'll never be able to stick with, you are SLOWLY changing your ENTIRE LIFESTYLE.

I admire your dedication. You are SO on the right track!