Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 81- Perfect 10

Well still not feeling like myself. My eating is all over the place. Exercise is missing but once again God is taking control and making it snow so I have to get some sort of exercise. Today is my last day to shovel for 2 weeks and watch it not snow the next two weeks. That will be my luck and the neighbors. I am starting to think I should just do the video's. They would be so much easier. I guess I will eat lunch & go shovel.

Yup I thought living on the corner lot was bad in the states but this brick is driving me nuts. It takes me an average of 40 min. to clean this and as I write this it is snowing hard again so something tells me I will be out there again later tonight. I also have to do the front of the building where everyone walks. The joys of Germany living!

I am trying really hard to ignore all cravings and get back on track. I pulled salmon out for dinner tonight. I am going to try I new recipe. I want to try and eat even healthier. Salads with dinner every night. More fresh foods. I would like to get to the point that fast food does not taste good. I have gotten to the point that boxed food is nasty and I would rather not even eat it.

Diane had asked me to join her in The Perfect 10 from South Beach Steve so I have decided to. It's about setting goals for the next ten weeks. My goals are as follows.

* Work out at least 6 days a week.
* Do 30 push ups a day & sit up's (yes they will be girly push ups)
* Eat fruit & veggies everyday
* Drink at least 48oz. of WATER a day. In the winter I find it hard to drink enough water.
*Workout twice a day. Since the videos are not pushing me enough I think that I need to do two different ones twice a day. This will be a good way to push me.

These will be my goals for the next 10 weeks!


Marcelle said...

girlfriend, you had a hectic workout today with that bricked area.
I have never shuffled snow since living here in 5 years...this season was the first time our neighbor asked Heinz to do yes life in Germany!!

Well done on your 10 weeks challenge with Diane, I'm going to do it as well...but have to start a week or two later but will be there with you all.
You can achieve those goals - they very do able.

Lacey said...

I'm just now catching up on this blog... I'm so behind!!!

I think your goals are excellent (although I gotta say I'd never be able to work out twice a day, lol).

I can't believe all that snow! You're certainly getting a workout!

Fran said...

I don't join the Perfect 10 Steve has set up but I do love his plan. I'm looking forward to your progress with it and will cheer for you!

I'm so glad there's not so much snow now here, I hate to shovel :)

But at least you're off duty soon.

Back on track tomorrow then?

dawne said...

Smart to work out twice. I do the jogging 1 miles twice in a row. Or, I'll do the jogging and then another work out in the afternoon, for similar reasons. It's amazing when you change the videos up, how they work different parts of the body. I'll different parts sore on different days. Snow was come to our part of Canada today. I won't be shoveling though! :)

Diane said...

Hooray Sarah! So glad that you've joined in! Let's hope that we are both able to make progress and achieve big goals in 2010 :)

LadyRaven said...

Yay another one doing The Perfect 10 challenge. Have you let steve know? We gonna kick ass!!