Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 108

It is cold here and the snow won't starts falling then stops then starts. I really feel like I am at home (weather wise). I am start to feel a little depressed. Chris dropped his phone in the toilet Thursday and I haven't heard from him. He emailed me to tell me that he responded to my text about my weight loss for the week and dropped the phone. I kinda feel like it is my fault.

I had posted this on my other blog but I bought myself a blender since he is away and can't tell me no. Not that he would but just in case. I need it to make my salsa and smoothies.
I really hate buying something that I already have but when the plugs don't match what can you do.

On another note remember how I feel about shoveling all of the snow? Well it isn't my turn but look what a great job the neighbors have done.

Did you hear the sarcasm in my voice?? All they shoveled was walk way. I'm not going to worry about is. In fact I might not even shovel until Chris comes home and I will only shovel our garage area. Here I was shoveling everything like an idiot. Thank goodness it is great exercise.

Today I sat in the food court at the PX and ate nothing!!! It smelled so good but I knew I shouldn't so I didn't.

"Don't you get it? This very second you could be doing something you love and dream about doing. So do it! NOW!" -Unknown


Marcelle said...

Heinz wore his HR monitor today while shoveling snow and he said with the 3 sessions he did he burned over 500 calories. Now that is more than I do when I workout cardio for an hour.

You only have to shovel the walk ways...I think if I remember you shovel the rest so Chris can get his car up the when its your turn,only do the walk ways...the reason you shovel the snow is should someone come to your door and slip they can sue its only the walkway thats needed.

Lacey said...

I can't believe you've been shoveling the entire area this whole time, haha. You're right though, it IS good exercise! (And I think it looks a lot nicer your way too.)

Chris is so silly. You're not supposed to pee and text at the same time... but I'll at least give him credit for trying to multitask, haha.

Amy said...

LOL!!! I do not envy that snow shovelin' job at all! Nope nope!

Yay for a new blender! I love mine for so may reasons! :)

Have a beautiful Saturday!


dawne said...

I like your new blender. What have you made so far? It's too cold for smoothies here in Canada, but Spring is coming!!!!

Fran said...

Sweety it's not your fault he dropped his phone. Nobody should phone and use the toilet at the same time :lol:

You're right buying that blender. Making smoothies is delicious!

And I shouldn't put too much effort in the shoveling since your neighbours didn't do that either.

Tiff said...

Shoveling snow SUCKS! But it is definitely good excercise!