Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 82

Yesterday was a really good day eating wise. I am getting back on track after the emotional start to the New Year. The death really hit me harder then I thought and it's more on a level of praying that nothing in the world is to hard for my daughter or make her feel like she can't come to us.

Last night for dinner I made salmon & a salad. I told Rachelle that she was going to start eating a salad every night for dinner with us. She had a fit but in the end ate it.

The salmon was baked with spinach,mushrooms,tomatoes and a dressing. It was really good! I had my yogurt with banana & oats for breakfast & a ham sandwich for lunch.

I am feeling really good. It's hard to explain. I have never had this feeling before and it gets me all excited. I really feel like this is it.This is going to be my year to make the changes that I can live with and that will work.

As I made dinner tonight I got really dizzy & feel weak. I have no clue why but me head is spinning and i feel blah. I really had more to write but I am going to cut this short. Chris thinks I might be dehydrated so I am going to drink my water and lay down.


dawne said...

I think I missed something...the death?

I hope you're okay! Keep healthy!

Sarah said...

My cousin's step daughter. Granted she wasn't blood related I think the age is really getting to me. 14 is so young

Marcelle said...

Sarah...drink your water girl...LOL, I hate it as well, am being forced to while in hospital!!

Salad and salmon look divine.
I made Heinz bring me tuna salad from home last night as I missed salad so much...

Fran said...

Hmmm the food looks good!

Happy to hear you feel so excited about the New Year. I'm sure you are going to make it a great year.

Are you feeling better after drinking and laying down?

CINDER said...

Take it easy- Good for you and good food

Lacey said...

You have inspired me to eat more salad... I didn't eat any today but I did yesterday AND the day before! (Salad two days in a row?!?! WORLD RECORD! Haha!)

I'm still guessing it's going to be a complete waste of food since there's no way Mike and I can consume that many vegetables before they all go bad, but I cut up red bell pepper, mushrooms, cucumbers, black olives, and chicken... then put all those in separate containers so I can top my spinach leaves with whatever I feel like in 2 minutes flat. SO YUMMY!