Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 102 & 103

It seems like for the first time since I have moved here I actually got out and did something. Even with Chris being gone.

Saturday night I went bowling with the neighbor and her husband. I was prepared or so I thought. With everything closing earlier then in the states you can't always decide last minute like we did. I brought a water bottle so I wouldn't get soda ( which I am now 7 days free of) or beer. I drank the water but we were hungry and they of course had little choices. So I got the cheeseburger basket. I took the hamburger off the bun & added only mustard, lettuce and tomato. I didn't eat all the fries but did douse them in hot sauce. That is my new ketchup since it is calorie and fat free. It also gets the metabolism going (so I have heard). I put enough on there that the guys started staring but I love hot sauce and it is so much better then ketchup. I have found eating a burger with out the bun is better but I am not a big bread fan so that may be why.

Today I went to the gym!!! Yup, I was in heaven. It is big and nice granted I wouldn't mind a pool. They have a lot of classes. Some free and some not. It was so nice to get moving and do something different. I feel bad not finishing the 30 Day Shred but I will still do it. Right now I am happy for the change. The Army guys come in at 11:30 we found out today so needless to say we will make sure that we are done before them or go after there lunch because they are intimidating to say the least. The girl I am going with just had gastric bypass so she has to take it slow. Getting to the gym might not be a everyday thing right now (based on how she feels after every workout) but once I get a car it will for me!

I am also going to get my nails done and my eyebrows threaded before Chris comes home. I feel finally like this might be alright and I am starting to become myself again. Now all that is left is tanning! Oh and finding me an automatic car.

Since I actually had to put jeans on this weekend for those of you that don't know I have been stuck like Chuck for the last 6 months I noticed that I have gone from not wearing a belt to have to go to the 4th hole!!! I have also noticed my bones (up by neck) not sure what they are called but I am starting to see them. I guess I never realized that I don't really look in the mirror from day to day when I have no where to go. I am starting to see a change and if I keep getting to the gym I might hit my birthday goal!!

Sorry this post is in right and left field. I just had so much to say!

"It doesn't matter what you are thinking, or what fear you have, if you just do it! Action is the only thing that matters... I can see that at the end of my life, I am not going to look back and say, 'I wish I had taken more action." -Diana von Welanetz Wentworth


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Mmmmmmm, I'm a hot sauce lover, too. I think I've torched all the taste buds off my tongue over the years.

Hard to eat healthy in a bowling alley, but WTG on the week off the soda... that's HUGE.

Keep it up!

dawne said...

Oh my goodness Sarah, those are AMAZING accomplishments. How nice to see it all coming together!

I didn't know that hot sauce was good for the metabolism...I love it too. I'm going to heat it all up!!!! Look at you in your 20 pounds down photo!!!! You're going to need new jeans soon! Get them before they fall down! LOL So happy for you!

Marcelle said...

I'm so excited for you and now I can stop worrying about you there as I know you are in a much better situation than before.
Glad you can get to gym, it will make the world of difference to you.
Cool on the collar bone sticking out and the belt...I think u look great in the pics on the side...the new and sexy sarah.
Eyebrows are going to look fantastic.

Lacey said...

I can't tell you enough how excited I am that you've met someone who lives within walking distance and speaks freaking English! And the fact that she kind of knows her way around Germany already and is into the weight loss thing also are just added bonuses!

Congrats on the soda thing, the belt thing, and the collar bone thing! Yaaaaaay!

Tiff said...

Yep. They are called collar bones or more correctly, your clavicles! lol

Great job on going to the gym and it does feel nice to do things that make you feel like yourself again!

CINDER said...

Great to hear you happy!!! It will get better!! Good for you! Taking care of you sometimes is what you need!

Tricia said...

Great job being soda free!

And I seriously had to read your comment twice to make sure I saw it right. I think youre the first person to call me "skinny". Even though I know this journey is about being healthy, I still enjoyed the skinny comment. Thanks!

Fran said...

Good for you Sarah that you went out on Saturday. And went to the gym: cool!

I'm still on the Shred, level 2, day 1 is where I am right now. I do it every two weeks or so. I just like to do a home workout once a week and this is perfect for it.