Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 78 Weigh In

My last weigh in for 2009 and do you think the scale could of worked with me? I would of thought it would of been happier that I was putting less weight on it but no. Well I am happy/sad about my weigh in. I have a no loss no gain. I really wanted to be lower but as I look back I know where I could of made some changes. Exercise. When I looked at the calendar for the last two weeks I have done a fitness video twice. I have walked but not enough to get my heart rate up. I guess having no gain/loss is good considering the holidays and some of the sweets that I had that I would of normally not eat. I did set the alarm & exercise this morning before we went out. I knew if I didn't then it wouldn't get done. I am so proud of myself.

I am thinking about making a mini goal for my birthday in March. Something that takes my total number to lose & makes it smaller. I am really excited to go into the New Year ahead of where I was last year. 2010 is going to be MY YEAR. The year I finally find where I am comfortable with myself. Both inside and out. The year I allow my husband to touch me and where I never have to hear him tell me "The day you stop needing me to validate you then you have made it."

My present that I got that is already setting next to my bed to see every time I roll out is a diary from Marcelle.

I really think that seeing something from Marcelle will help me out so much. It will be there for the days that I don't think I can do it. It will be there to remind me that she did it so I can do. I am not the only one living out of my aliment making a change. She is such a strong woman and I am lucky to be living so close to her. My husband has 24 hr. duty tomorrow AGAIN so I will have plenty of time to start the New Year down writing what I want to do. Knowing what works for me and doesn't.

Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve and a great start at 2010!!! I bought a diet Pepsi for the party tonight. I am going prepared.


Fran said...

What a lovely gift of Marcelle! This should help you, she's such an inspiration.

Sarah I know 2010 is going to be your year. I will be here to motivate you, cheer for you and if necessary kick your butt :)

Don't worry about your weight, staying the same after the holidays is a great achievement. I did the same and I'm happy about it, it has been different for me in the past few years.

I'm looking forward to your goals and especially to becoming a runner. Are you familiar with C25K? I did a simular program in Dutch when I started running and it worked perfectly for me.

I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, fun and sensational New Year!


dawne said...

Have you tried working out in a fasted state - first thing in the morning? Water only? Before breakfast? My sister in law's trainer encourages this, as do a few other bloggers. It's supposed to burn fat quicker. I've been trying it, but will have to see my weigh in results. Staying the same over the holiday is something to be PROUD of!

Diane said...

Hi Sarah! Come and join me in The Perfect 10 Challenge?!

Marcelle said...

I'm so glad I am going to be next to your bed daily to motivate you....I know this is going to be your year. I spent 4 days with you and saw your dedication and motivation to stick to your plan. You want it and that is half the battle won. Stop worrying about the scale...weigh in but know daily your weight will change..Get into your eating program and find a way to train effectively - weight will come off.
I will send you a formula via group to work out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight...remember what I told you that you need to lose 3 500 calories a week to lose one pound. You need to get that HR monitor and make sure you aim for 800 calories a day - dance and move...and move when spring comes you start walking and jogging outdoors.

Will chat to you soon....tomorrow!!