Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 49

Measuring out my food has become something that I do all the time. I know that I should of done it long before because my idea of a serving size was never the idea of a serving size that was on the package. I have attempted to teach my daughter this.

There are endless possibilities of junk food, quick ready meals with enough sodium in them for a week and new cereals that have more sugar then anything else. I told my daughter that she can eat what she likes but in moderation. That is the problem I think with Americans. We are in such a hurry nowadays that we make quick meals with to much fat or hit the drive thru. I don't want her to have eating issues like I did but I want her t be aware of the info on the back of the packages. If I can get her to eat healthy now then I will have a better chance. I now catch her reading serving sizes. She was in shock when she saw some of the sizes. I only hope that it doesn't not turn into anything bad. That I am teaching her the healthy way to do things!

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Marcelle said...

Its such a fine line, we either teach them good habits or they take it up and go over board...keep an eye on her and keep reminding her how beautiful she is.
Serving sizes are huge in America, everyone around the world talks about the American serving sizes...
Must say the rest of the world is catching up very quickly.
When I weigh my breakfast and see how little 30g or 40g is I'm shocked and still hungry afterwards, then go into the * wait for 20 minutes before you eat * to see if that helps and most times it does.