Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 63

I really need to work on my eating again. I say this because I am so miserably full right now that if my dinner exited my esophagus I would not complain. My fault though. All I ate today was oatmeal with a piece of whole wheat bread with a little pumpkin spread that I made yesterday and some crystal light. Oh and 1 and only 1 Reese's peanut butter miniature candy.Nothing for lunch and at about 4:30 I was starving so I had 1 slice of deli turkey meat and 20 almonds. Then dinner which was a Bean and Beef Enchilada Casserole. It was yummy and something I probably should have not had so much of. A lesson I need to learn from Dawne. She is all about the just before full rule. Maybe I should write that on paper and place it on my side of the table! Or better yet I could eat during that day so I don't go nuts at the last minute.

I have taken photos because I am at the 15 pound loss but I am having trouble putting them up. Not with blogger but with myself. I hate that when you have to lose so much that you don't see anything until like 30 or 40 pounds. Makes me wonder if I should change my goal and lose more weight. I mean I need to lose 39 more pounds. Will 39 pounds show enough of a difference? I guess only time will tell. It would be nice if 39 pounds was all I needed left to lose something tells me otherwise though.

I get the privilege to go and spend a few days with Marcelle and her husband. On Sunday we will meet them at the half way point and I hope to pick up some great tips from her well I am there. I feel like I won a trip to The Biggest Loser ranch. I mean have you seen how fit she is and I get to be in her presence . There is no pressure there is there is there Marcelle.LOL.

I did a 2.5 mile walk/run today so that was good. I feel like I should do more as I still hurt.


Marcelle said...

Of course you will see the weight loss on your might not but goodness with that amount of weight lost your clothing should be telling you a different story...and when you done with the weight loss journey you going to fell like a brand new wish you could read my old entries on group and see how I struggled and what was going on in my head...same as yours...then one day you look and you see a new YOU - its fantastic.

YES NOW I HAVE EVEN MORE PRESSURE...I'll have to be a sergeant major while you here....LOL - Do you want me to be Bob or Gillian.....hehe

dawne said...

I understand about the pictures. I've been disappointed in some of mine too, but readers/commenters find the BEST in them!

Keep at it and have fun with Marcelle. Have you met her before or is this the first time? Blog world meets real world?

Fran said...

I'm happy for you and Marcelle that you're going to meet. I wish you a wonderful weekend with the drill instructor :)

You have to eat lunch Sarah but I guess you know that yourself :)