Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 62- Christmas Weigh In

Today was weigh in for the Countdown to Christmas Challenge. I am down 1.3 pounds. After a weekend where I was sure that I would be up I am done and it gives me a sense to push a little harder to keep it going down. My goal was to lose 15 and I am at 15.2! The hard part will be keeping it off as I am going to visit a fellow blogger Marcelle at her home for a few days. I love the fact that I am getting out of the house though and I think I can learn a lot from her. I mean have you seen her pictures? She looks better then I did at 120 pounds.

I did try really hard yesterday to try and watch what I ate. I also had no soda but now I have a migraine from hell. Soda is something I am having a hard time giving up. I only drink soda but I know that I shouldn't drink it at all. I have read nothing but bad stuff about soda yet I still drink it. I am as bad as my husband is with cigarettes. I think I need to try and work on soda at the beginning of the year. I mean what is a New Year without a New Year's Resolution? Weight loss will not be mine this year. I am going into the new year smaller and so happy!

As hard as it is to stay at home everyday I thank god that I have this blog and such great people to hold me accountable. I know last time I wasn't working for 3 months due to a move & my husband coming home from Iraq I put the weight on as I was depressed not working and had nothing to do. I knew coming here that it was going to be hard no to sit around and eat. If I was working I would have something to do but getting a job on base is hard as there never seems to be one. I am finding this easier though because of you guys. If I could get you all a Christmas present I would. I don't even want to know what I might be weighing right now. Instead I am 15 pounds lighter and on my way to lose more! Who thought one could actually look forward to getting on the scale. Something I used to hate doing I look forward to doing (as long as it goes down)! I love seeing myself get healthier and love reading about things you guys do that might help me.

We can all make it through these last couple weeks and end 2009 with a bang and start 2010 with a bigger BANG!!! (sometimes I am so cheesy)


Marcelle said...

Yes you will see I'm an old duck!!!!
So you will be in for a surprise.

BTW, well done on getting to your Xmas challenge weight, am very proud of you.

You need to tell me what you dont eat...want to make sure I dont have that in my house when u here.
What do you usually eat for breakfast.
I have cereal, fruit and yogurt with some seeds
Lunch time we will be out so you can eat whatever you like...
Dinner time is usually chicken or tuna or chicken, or chicken...with veg and more veg and salad??
Coffee and tea...
Milk?? 1% 1.5% or 3.5%
And your daughter what does she eat???
Send the list girl...

CINDER said...

You are beautiful and you are made how you are for a reason! So glad for you!! Keep up all your hard work- Enjoy your visit with Marcelle- I am actually envious- I think you both seem like you would be fun to spend time with!

dawne said...

Bring on the cheesy!!! I love it!

Congrats!!!! You made your Christmas Challenge goal. So did I. We're doing it Sarah! We're kicking this once and for all. You're post pumped me up!!!!!!!!!

266 said...

Thanks for commenting on my weight loss blog today! I totally agree that being a part of the online community has really helped my committment; the accountablity I feel to fellow bloggers is great! I also totally get what you said on my blog about wanting to weigh less than your husband because I want the same and am so, so close! It will happen before the end of the year, I'm sure!