Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 76

Today Chris was home which always throws my day off. He went in at 9am on Monday and got off this morning at 9am. They have them rotate the lovely 24 hr. shift. That meant that if I didn't get my workout video in before he got home then I wouldn't do it because I refuse to do it in front of him. I refuse to set an alarm during winter break. Do you see where this is going?

Well god had other plans and made it snow. A LOT. It is my week to shovel this humogus area we share with the two other people that live in the building. We switch every week. Well I shoveled and shoveled and had to throw it over a 6ft. wall. Needless to say my back hurts and there was a lot of lifting. My husband and daughter stayed inside where it was warm! As much as I hate shoveling snow I consider it exercise so I do it. Even if I had worked out today I would have done it because it works other areas of my body. I think I might be sore tomorrow though.LOL. I also think I might have more snow to move in the morning. We will see.

I need to walk to the market tomorrow and get more yogurt to last me before these close for New Years. I am falling in love with my morning breakfast!

Did anyone get anything for Christmas that will help them along in their weight loss journey? I did and I will share tomorrow!


dawne said...

Hilarious about your change of exercise plans!!!! I got a new exercise video and an awesome water bottle for working out. Can't wait to hear what you got to help with this journey!

I got a blender too -for making my smoothies!

Fran said...

Damn: have to wait till tomorrow to hear about your Christmas gift and I'm so curious! :)

That's a good workout shoveling snow so no need to worry that you didn't do a DVD workout.

As you know I gave myself a Garmin as a Christmas gift and boy am I happy with it!