Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 66 - MIA

I have had the munchies today and I am not to sure why. I don't really even know if I would call it that because I haven't been grabbing food all day but I don't feel satisfied when I am done eating and I hate that feeling. It leads me to wanting more to find something else until I feel satisfied but I need to learn to ignore that.

2 cups cheerios, 3/4 cup fat free milk, crystal light

6 inch turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomato, 1/2 slice American cheese,mustard,vinegar, pepper and 1 line of light mayo & after watching her to that 1 line I will just have to give it up to tell them to give me that damn bottle & do it

Frozen pizza, tomato soup

1 Reese's Miniature

The frozen pizza was not low fat or Weight Watchers and that's what did me in for the day I think. I am finishing my day with black coffee and fat free French Vanilla Coffee Mate.

I am meeting Marcelle for the first time tomorrow and staying with her until Wednesday so I will be MIA from the blog but will catch up when I come home. God knows that I have nothing to do at home anyway lol.

I am hoping to learn a lot from her and I think this may just be the on little trip that I go on where I come home not gaining extra weight.

See you all Wednesday night!


Fran said...

Have a great time together with Marcelle but I'm sure you both will!

"See" you soon.

dawne said...

How cool!!! I hope that you are energized! I imagine her accent as very exotic.

Tricia said...

So neat that you get to meet Marcelle. Have fun!