Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 57 Weigh In

I did it. I finally did it. I lost 2.4 pounds. Yes I checked the scale more then once to make sure I wasn't seeing anything. I celebrated today by doing a video with weights! I figure I might be on a roll so I should keep it up. I might be in a whole new category come the new year if I can take off 5 more pounds. That might be pushing it but it is worth the try right?

I found this quote from Lee Iacocca. No clue who that is but I think this works with weight loss.

You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance.

To be honest when I got off the scale I was thinking well I am ahead. I have lost the most weight this week then any other week so I can take today off. It has been raining all day and I was not motivated. Then I thought about how this weight loss helps me. I really want this. I want it bad. I dream every night about the things I will be able to wear. About how it will bring me closer to my husband.The honeymoon at the beach we want but I refuse to go on until I am skinny enough. We are all adults here right?

My weight effects what goes on where all the "magic" happens. I want lights off, on the bottom and don't touch me. Now really how long can a 25 year old guy live with that? He wants to try stuff and I always say when I am 50 pounds lighter. That is not fair to him or me. He has noticed that things are slowly changing though. As the weight drops and I feel more comfortable in my skin I am starting to make the moves again. The only way that used to happen was with 5 shots of alcohol which I am sure is more calories then I needed.

So I am going to have perseverance. I am going to beat my battle with weight loss for the last time. I am finally going to start living my life the way I want to instead of hiding. The world better watch out (in about 39 pounds).


Marcelle said...

I've already told you that the weight lost this week is so chuffed for you.
Good that u did something today...I trained at home as well today, didn't feel like going out, but will tomorrow as I want to do the Step class.

I agree, lights off is something most of us want when we overweight....and as the weight falls off you do feel a lot sexier in your keep going!!

Katie J said...

Yay for you! That is a nice loss!

I hear you on the lights off thing but I have been getting more "experimental" now then I was before ;-)

Fran said...

Congrats on your weight loss! Great job and also that you did workout today.

I can totally find myself in your story.

Lacey said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Sarah! I'm so excited for you!

dawne said...

Exciting loss Sarah!!! Yip, yip, yipee!!!!

Nothing like spicing it up in the bedroom...or on the beach...I think I hear my husband calling...LOL

Fran said...

I like doing the Shred but for me it's an addition to my other training. I try to run 2 times a week outside and go to the gym 2 times and do 1 workout at home which is the shred. I still like it, I think that when I had to do it 30 days in a row I get bored. I need changes in my workouts otherwise I quit :)