Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 59, 60 & 61

This weekend was fun but I also made some bad choices that I have learned from and have to work towards changing in the future. Friday night I was stressed and craving chocolate and peanut butter. That always seems to happen around that time of the month. Well needless to say my husband brought me home a bag of peanut butter m&m's and I finished it off by Saturday. He also brought me home Reese's miniatures and I am proud to say that they are in the fridge. I haven't eaten them. Yet! Bad news. I am a week late so the cravings might not be over.

Saturday we went to Regensburg to a Christmas Market and ate McDonald's for lunch. Chris ordered a value pack(something they do in Germany). It was 2 big macs,1 fry and 1 soda. Now had I been thinking which I normal do I would have a)not ordered the big mac or taken some of the bread away and ordered a diet. I refuse to drink my calories. Chris won't drink diet which sucks but he ate most of the fries so I was good there.

We did a lot of walking but it was snowing hard so we didn't stay as long as I wanted.

I bought a couple ornaments and got a mug! Yesterday I was sitting here thinking about how close I was to the goal for Christmas and how I might have screwed it up and decided to get up and move. It felt good. Today has been hard because on the scale I am up .4 and weigh in is tomorrow for the Christmas Challenge and I feel there will be no loss.

I feel I have learned a lot from this weekend and breaking down.This is the first Christmas I will be without my family, Rachelle is having trouble in school and I received what could be really bad news from my mom. I need to realize that m&m's wont make it go away. So why the hell did I do it?


Marcelle said...

Great photo's - glad you got your mug and soon you will have lots more, your collection is going to grow...LOL

I also go through times where i want to eat and eat, its not easy and this time of the year so hard as such nice things that are bad for one on display.

I'm sorry you got bad news from home...but don't eat your stress!!
dance in front of the tv rather.

Fran said...

Sorry that you've had bad news but I can totally understand that you ate it away. The reason I gained most of my weight (not all of it) was that after my Dad died I've been eating and eating and eating. I'm not proud of that but at the time it seemed to help even though I know it's not true.

I can't believe it's already snowing at you. Where in Germany do you live in relation to Holland?

Your Saturday sounds fun!

About the running: I started in March from zero. I had this trainingsplan which was called start to run (a lot like C25K program) and my first session was 1 minute running followed by 2 minutes walking and then for 5 times. And as the months passed by I got further and further. At that time I ran 3 times a week.

Have a nice day!