Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 72 & 73

Oh how I really don't want to write this but what is the point of ignoring it right. I have tried but it haunts me. You would think hiding something from people that you don't personally know would be easy but it isn't for me.

Christmas day I think I ate everything I put my eyes on. The day stated good. I had yogurt with oats. Then it went to hell. I had popcorn,tomato soup, pumpkin cream cheese spread on graham crackers, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and them a piece of double pumpkin cheesecake (which I made and was less then 150 cal. a slice).

Do you see what I mean. I should of never ate all of that. I got on the scale today and I was down but I am praying that it doesn't hit tomorrow which I think it will. Today I have had no trouble not eating everything. I had my three meals and nothing else.

I am 20 days late with no cramps at all but food wise I am either starving some days or not hungry. I told my husband that it is driving me nuts. Yesterday was the first time that I just didn't feel satisfied at all. It was a really wired feeling. It was like I was eating but it never hit my stomach. I never want that feeling again. I don't have much time to make sure that I go into the New Year without a gain. That is my goal. I don't expect to lose after the day I had but I refuse to have a gain. I have to work but butt off this week. I am starting 2010 right!

As of this morning when I got on the scale I weigh the same amount I weighed when I walked down the isle July 25,2008. I already weigh less then when I married him the first time in 2006. There is no turning back now!

Now I need to make new goals for 2010!


dawne said...

Did you marry your husband twice? If so, cool story...! We're all back on track, being strict. I'm right there with you. Put Christmas behind us, it's one day in the year, and we're back on track to healthy eating. That's what skinny people do!

Fran said...

Looking forward to your goals for 2010.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Yes you had one day of eating "bad" but you picked it up immediately the next day. I ate too much for two days of Christmas, no use looking back to that, just pick it up again the next day.

Lacey said...

Don't feel bad about Christmas... it's awesome that you were able to get right back to the healthier lifestyle the next day! And CONGRATULATIONS on hitting your wedding weight! Yaaaay!