Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 53 & 54

So I had a plan to write about how Popeye's is screwing my new lifestyle up. They need to stop giving more then what I order. Then I found this in a magazine I was reading this morning. I thought it fits perfect for weight loss and the fact that the holidays are coming up.

We all have bad days. We all stumble now and then. That's what make us the strong, determined, capable women we are!
Lydia Canfield

When I read this I thought about how we are going to have a bad day here and there. One may have not hit it yet but it will happen. We are human and life throws us twist and turns all the time. We learn from them and move on though. It will make us stronger. It will determine us to be better next time and it does give us the capability to move forward!

Did another one of my walking videos.Well today was walking/jogging! I swear the 33 minutes goes by so fast. If my husband hadn't of come home early I would of done another video but I hate working out in front of him. He decided to go behind me well I was doing it and do it to. Then I was laughing. Thank god it was the end of the video.


Marcelle said...

Thats a great saying...when u going to call me for a chat??

Lacey said...

Awesome quote! I MISS YOU SARAH!