Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 75

Before I get going on anything else to write about I wanted to let everyone know that fellow blogger Marcelle has been admitted to the hospital for the next 5 days to run tests on her eyes and thin her blood. She has been having trouble seeing for the last week or so and went today. The doctors are hoping that she hasn't had a stroke of some sort so please keep her in your prayers.

Today I have kept myself ultra busy. I have shoveled,dusted, swept & mopped the entire house. I also did a walking video. Time to get back into the normal everyday life again. My house is clean of all the Christmas decorations and a feel a sense of calm. Clutter has been one thing that I have never been able to handle. Not even in closets or the garage. Just knowing that it is there haunts me. My husband finds it very amusing as most guys would.

Today I stepped on the scale as I do everyday and I am down past my wedding weight! Now to just keep it going down and not up will be the key. I can't wait to see what I weigh in on New Years Day. This will be the first time that I am going into the New Year ahead of schedule. Here is a few pictures of my time with Marcelle.

One of the many treats that Rachelle had that Marcelle & I said no to.

Sushi for lunch on Wednesday before I came home. Oh how I have missed my sushi!

The Frankfurt Mall. I love all the buildings in Germany and even though this one is new it is so beautiful.

Cathedral of Fulda. What a wonderful place.

Rachelle and I above the Frankfurt Skyline.


CINDER said...

congrats to you on the weight loss!! Keep up the good work- Please tell Marcelle that she is in my prayers and thanks for the update...I will watch for more posts...Have a blessed day!

Fran said...

Crap! Such bad news of Marcelle. I was wondering why she didn't answer my email, she's usually very fast in answering. If you speak to her let her know I'm thinking about her. I will send her an sms too.

You're doing great on the weight loss! I'm so proud of you!

I got rid of the Christmas decorations too today. Usually we do that after New Year but I was bored with it.

Lacey said...

Oh no! Poor Marcelle! I will be sending good thoughts her way!

I love all the pictures you took and am SO glad that you got to experience a bigger city in Germany finally! And to do it with someone fun and who knows the town well... very exciting!

I agree with you, the buildings in Germany just take my breath away. They are so beautiful!

(By the way, I can tell you've lost weight in that bottom picture! You're looking fantastic, Sarah!)

dawne said...

I'll be thinking about Marcelle!!! Congrats on being less than your wedding day. I can't imagine ever being less than mine, but one day I'll be within 10 pounds of my wedding day weight!