Thursday, December 24, 2009

Days 67-71 Weigh In Day

Today is my normal weigh in day and I am only down .07 of a pound. I am happy that I spent time away from home and came home without a gain. It was easier watching what I ate while I was gone though because I was busy! Busy in a great way. My monthly visitor is still MIA. Drives me nuts I tell you.

While I was staying with Marcelle I told her how frustrating it is to follow blogs with such great losses every week. In fast sometimes it makes me want to give up because I feel like I am doing something wrong. I know I have read small losses are consistent & that you have a smaller chance of having such lose skin which I do not want but I want the big numbers like everyone else has. Sometimes it just doesn't feel fair.

What I did learn from her are great tips to try out at home. I was having trouble with the whole yogurt thing.Never filled me up. OMG she had the best oats to put in it. Needless to say I was at the market this morning buying the yogurt & oats. Came home and made me a bowl. I look forward to this every morning now! Who would of thought all I needed was a little crunch. I also learned a couple of great dinners to make that Rachelle ate up and it is good for you. She also made a salad with every dinner that I would of never done but it is the perfect low cal side dish.

Most importantly I learned after going to the gym with her (I haven't been in a year) is that the walking video I do at home is not pushing me enough. I need more. I haven't sweat the way I did at the gym in along time and I loved it. I felt like I was really doing something.

She also gave me the idea to get a heart rate monitor watch and I am. I am going to look into a good one. I want one I can grow with. Meaning has most the bells and whistles I will need as I expand my exercise once it gets warm again.

Thanks again Marcelle for everything you taught me! It is nice to know I can go on a mini vacation during the holidays and still lose weight!!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


Marcelle said...

grrrrrrrr and I gained!!!
I woke up this morning so swollen, my eyes were so puffy, I have no idea what had salt in it, as all we ate differently was the sushi???? When I saw my gain I worried that you had gained with me a well.

It was great having you visit me, I hope you come and visit again, this time we will do more fitness stuff as Heinz will be at work and not able to drive us around to all those far away places...

So did you find the correct breakfast cereal??? I hope so.

Fran said...

I've read some of your adventures at Marcelle's blog and it seems you've had a great time together.

Don't worry about the small losses, really you shouldn't. It messed my head too in the past but now I know I'm just not a person who loses weight fast. I have to work hard for it.

You should check out Polar for a heart rate monitor. I started with that too. I just bought a Garmin forerunner for running but will be using my Polar in the gym.

Have a merry and happy Christmas Sarah.

dawne said...

How fun! So glad you two met up and that you gleaned so much from her expertise. Congrats on the almost 1 pound loss - .3 and you're down a pound!

Tricia said...

Great job not gaining! Marcelle is too sweet :)

Lacey said...

Congrats on another loss! I know it's easy to get discouraged, but you're doing so great! And not only did you manage another week without a gain, you also learned all sorts of neat stuff from Marcelle! Yaaay!