Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 74

I have done a lot of cleaning today to make up for my lack of exercise. Only having the one TV in the living room has us all trying to use it. It's times like this I really wish that I was in the states. We had plenty of TV's for everyone to use. Oh well. I did the Wii today and tomorrow I am back on track with exercising. I am also going to mop the house and move some furniture around to sweep under. Trying to move more after realizing when I was with Marcelle that the videos I do don't do enough for me.

Chris has 24 hr. duty again tomorrow so it will just be Rachelle and I for dinner so it will be something simple. I am so glad that he gets a four day for New Years!

I love my yogurt and oats for breakfast thanks to Marcelle and I wake up looking forward to breakfast which is something new for me. Today I added bananas to make me a little fuller longer!

After seeing the pictures that Marcelle took I feel like I might need to re look at my weight loos goal. I don't feel like I did when I weighed this in 2008. I feel fatter. I am so not impressed with the size of my face. Finding a picture though of me at my heaviest is going to be hard to find as I hated and still hate the camera. I really don't want to. I want the memories.I am going to look through what I have and see if I can find anything. I did leave most of the pictures at my moms.


dawne said...

I understand your feelings regarding your picture and I don't want to disregard them, but I thought you looked absolutely beautiful. Your daughter looks just like you and you think she's beautiful, don't you? She is. You are. And, you will be look thinner in the coming days.

Lacey said...

Cleaning is totally the best workout ever, haha. Today I scrubbed every square inch of our shower... I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow... ;-)