Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 134

I knew getting on the scale this morning was not going to be good. I mentally prepared myself because I knew if I didn't then it would just mess up my day.I was right. I was up 2.7 pounds. I thought about not writing my blog to hide what had happened but you know what. I know what I did wrong. Did I really expect the scale to show me some love when I did not show my body any love? I am not OK with my gain but I am at peace with it. I know every wrong move that put me where I am on this weigh in.

I really feel like I am changing emotionally. As much as I hate to admit this when I would have a gain previously I would not work out that day and sometimes I might even eat everything because the scale already went in the wrong direction so why bother stopping now.

Not today though. Today I went to the gym early and did weights for 35 min. before I did Zumba. It felt good to left weights. I hate that area of the gym but I need to overcome it. Tomorrow is the treadmill and more weights.

Since I go to the gym with a friend if her husband wants her to stay and eat lunch with him then we do. Now that my husband is back he is joining us. Its kinda nice considering he leaves every morning at 520 and most of the time doesn't get home till after 6. I feel like I never see him. Now staying for lunch I am. Today I walked in and he asked me what I wanted to eat. Guess what I choose.... NOTHING!! I displayed total self control. Everyone was eating around me and I had my water. I took a bite of nothing. It was hard at first smelling it but I got into the conversation and next thing I knew I didn't even realize they were eating. I did buy a couple protein shakes that I figure I can take and drink. That way I am not hungry and do something stupid like given in. I mean clearly I need to work on myself control but if there is anything I learned I truly and not upset with the scale and it feels good and gives me a sense that I know I can get it down, I will and I will make changes to my eating.

I am truly in a good place with myself and I promise myself to give it all I have to get back on track and get the loss I know I can do next week.

"I can't imagine a person becoming a success who doesn't give this game of life everything he's got." -Walter Cronkite


Katie J said...

Good job on doing the weights and avoiding the high calorie stuff at lunch.

I linked to you in my post today because you asked me if I had been swimming and I replied in my post.

Have a great day Sarah!

Lacey said...

You're doing soooo great Sarah! I am proud of you, gain or loss or stalemate. The fact that you hit the weights even though you don't like them, and have devised a plan to stay away from the fast food even though everyone else will be eating it... you got this! You're becoming a healthier person, both with your weight-loss and your mindset. It's all about perseverance, and considering you're one of the most determined people I know, there's not a doubt in my mind that next week there will be a loss!

CINDER said...

Good for you and how nice it is to feel at peace...I too was up 2.8 yetsterday- but just like you - It will pass I just have to be faithful to my plan! Keep up your good work!

Fran said...

So good for you that you did do your workouts today: I'm proud of you!

Please don't skip meals, you'll pay for it eventually later on the day. Maybe not today or tomorrow but one day you will. I would eat something if I were you , if it's too much just take half of it.

Great that Chris joins you for lunch and you'll get to see him during the day.

dawne said...

Sarah, you sound like you're in a really good place! I'm happy for you! Those 2 pounds will disappear soon...way to make good choices despite the gain.

Tiff said...

So glad to hear that you have not flown off into a crazy binge because you know that won't lead you anywhere but to a weigh in that you aren't happy with. You will do this Sarah! You are just figuring out the things that you will need when you maintain the loss you deserve!