Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 111 & 112

What a day it was yesterday. I went to Frankfurt with my friend for her follow up appt. and we drove back in a blizzard and winds that moved the cars all over the road. It was the longest day of my life. We left at 930 and I didn't walk into the house until 8. Needless to say I did not exercise. I was going to in the morning but woke with the biggest migraine I have had in awhile. I did pack a lunch and brought 2 water bottles. We only stopped for gas once and I never went in for anything. I am so proud of my self.

Well we were at the doctor yesterday it is interesting to see how the Germans do things compared to the states. Like waiting for an hour to be seen. That would not fly in the states. Here I guess it does. The doctor also informed us in the best English that he could is that Americans are more overweight then Germans because we don't have wheat bread. I think he was a little confused. He also informed us that Army wives are bigger then the men and in American there is healthy and happy and then fat. Well I have seen some really big Germans so I am not sure where he gets all of his info. He said the food here was healthier. I will give him points for the fact that they have fresher food year around and convenience with restaurants isn't here so getting all the junk isn't as easy but there food also is flavorless. I was a little irritated him because he was overweight and in the weighting room there was 3 people that didn't even fit in the chairs. It really amazes me.

There was no Zumba today because of the weather. I was crushed because after being in a car all day I wanted to move but maybe tomorrow. Still did a workout but there wasn't the motivation there like if I had been in a class.

NSV that sucks....My wedding ring has fallen off more then once in the last couple of days. I went to get in purse on Monday and they just slide off into the purse. I might be looking single here soon. Chris has agreed to buy me a ring when I loss all the weight and maintain it for awhile. The maintaining it is all my idea since I am right now unsure what weight I will want to be at.


Tiff said...

Oh wow, your doctor seems like an interesting guy :)

dawne said...

I have learned that non-Americans all over the world like to make huge assumptions about Americans. Usually the assumptions are in the negative light. It's weird, but I've seen it from country to country.

Congrats on the rings...I had the same experience and am going to get mine sized a second time since I started in Sept.

Hope you warm up!!!!

Fran said...

What a bullshit. There are more and more people with overweight in Holland these days. It's becoming health problem number 1 here.

The only difference I see is in the grocery stores. I've been to the US and the packages are larger and bigger than in our country, for example ice cream.

But other than that: overweight is a problem in every country.

And there are lots of Germans who are fat due to the "bratwurst" and beer :lol:

Amy said...

O my gosh! LOOK at all that weather!!! Sorry about your Zumba being cancelled.. that is so frustrating when you have your heart set on it.... hoping tomorrow is a better day! ((hugs))