Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 118

The sun has been shining two days in a row but the temp. has been -8. Now if I could get the sun and the temp. to get together and go the right direction I would be good. I went to Zumba today and I swear that she is getting tougher and tougher ever class. I love it and my butt is so sore right now. Makes me feel like I am doing something good! Went and sat in the sauna after class. It is my TOM so I am dreading the scale not that I don't every week but I will get on it and face it no matter what on Thursday!

Went to lunch after to meet her husband and had Taco Bell. I had a nacho supreme again and I wasn't really enjoying it. I didn't eat it all which is a big step for me. I left most of the chips and just ate the stuff on top.

I am excited that Chris comes home Thursday but I am already a little worried. He doesn't want me to go to the gym on Friday and well I understand that I need to workout. He has a 4 day so maybe I can get him to take me to the gym or something. A woman can dream can't she?

I am going to look for some new workout pants on the internet today. There is nothing on base and I had to hold my pants up the entire time I was dancing around. That or the class would of had a eye full and really I am not that fit yet to do that to the people I have class with.

"Failure is only postponed success...The habit of persistence is the habit of victory." -Herbert Kaufman


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Loosey pants... just one more thing to put a smile on your kisser during this journey. Keep up the great work, Sarah!

Marcelle said...

Why did you eat that meal today?????? you should have waited till you got home and made a healthy sandwich..how many calories in that meal...compare it to the 400 calories you burned today doing Zumba??
Chips at this stage of your journey are a NO NO - ( or am I just jealous that I cant eat them anymore..hmmm, what u think? )

Chris will take you to workout on Friday morning, as long as you give him all his cuddles and kisses on Thursday night and Friday morning early :) hehehe, you will have him wrapped around your little finger!!!!

Not long to go....

Tiff said...

I'm excited that you'll be seeing your man soon!

dawne said...

I think Chris has his own idea of what kind of work out is going to be going on after a month apart!!!!

Lacey said...

You need new workout pants! Sweeeeet!