Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 115 & 116

I really do not know what is wrong with me lately. I am getting bored with everything. I thought that having a blog would push me harder. That reading about other people on the same journey would help me not feel so alone. Instead it has discouraged me. I understand that we are all different and weight loss affects us all so differently but when you try hard and push yourself and you don't see the numbers move as fast as other people week after week it is going to start making you not care. I went back through and looked at all of my weigh ins. In the last 116 days I have only lost more then 2 pounds 3 times. I have given up soda(though that was recent), only eat out maybe 2 times a month. Eat veggies and fruit everyday. Workout and the last couple months with weights and yet I am thanked but the scale with losses that start with 0 then a point. I am deciding on if I should take a break from this blog. It is really starting to bring me down and I feel it is doing the opposite to me know. I am no longer finding joy in coming here. I really don't know what to do.

I will talk to my husband when he gets back and see what he thinks. Maybe I am feeling down because he is still gone and he is my best friend. I tell him everything about this journey yet he isn't here to tell. He gives me just the right amount of reassurance with a little bit of a push to do more. Maybe that is all I need. I need his push or at this point just a hug.

I really have nothing else to write at the moment.Lots to think about right now. I will blog until I talk to Chris though.

"For every failure, there's an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.
" -Mary Kay Ash


dawne said...

Giving up is not an option!!! Eating this way is for life anyways, so, so what if it's slow??? I'm talking to myself now!!! :) Really, you don't want to look back, only forward. I know it's a drag not to lose quickly, but you are losing. Don't give up Sweet Sarah....I need you!

Anonymous said...

This is the unfortunate part of this journey. Some of us lose fast, and some of us lose slow. Let me ask though: if you only lost a pound a month until you achieved your goal weight, do you think you would be disappointed after you achieved goal? Probably not. It is just a symptom of our desire for instant gratification. We all have a bit of that. Just keep doing the right thing Sarah, and the weight will come off. You are doing great - don't get discouraged.

Amy said...

Hi Sarah.... I am so sorry your are feeling so discouraged!! I am a VERY slow loser... into week 38 now.. I don't know how many days that is... but month 9 1/2 and I have been losing at a rate of 5 lbs. a MONTH. My last weigh in was 3 lbs in a MONTH... I weigh in MONTHLY weigh in, not weekly ... didn't know if you knew that.
But just so you know, it's been super slow, BUT the pounds are staying off, and keep coming off.

It's taken me 9 1/2 months to lose 53 lbs... and that is what about 266 days, at about a loss of .7 lbs. a week.... yep, that isn't 7 lbs... oooo no, it's . point 7! AND that right there is why I don't weigh in every day or every week. I weigh in ONCE a month.

Slow and steady girl!! You CAN do it! Don't compare, it will only bring you down. You are probably dead on tho, and are missing your honey badly... I TOTALLY get that!!

So adore you, and hope you decide to stay blogging.. but if you decide not to, I understand and respect your choice!



Fran said...

Indeed: giving up is not an option.

I can understand your frustration, as said before: I'm a slow loser too.

Try not to look too much at other's weight losses but try to pick out the tips and tricks from the blogs you could use. The moment you accept for yourself that you lose weight slow, you feel much better.


Lacey said...

If you stop blogging I will punch you in the face.

How's that for "support?" Hehe.

I love you, Sarah, and I know you get down but you shouldn't. You are losing weight and although it's slow it's STEADY. This is a LIFESTYLE change, too, remember that! Once you hit your goal weight are you just going to stop all the healthy habits you're picking up? NO, you definitely won't. It's not just about the destination, the journey matters too.

But seriously, and most importantly, I WILL punch you in the face if you give up now, haha.