Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 126

I love the oats that Marcelle had me try when I went to visit her. I love them way more then I should. So I decided to try something else so I am not tempting myself as much though I will have those oats once and awhile. I decided to try

I figured I would look for something that was supposed to be good for me well I was at it. This has it all. The only thing I did not like was the raisins. I like raisins but I guess when you don't load your cereal with crap the raisins get hard. That is my only issue here. Otherwise mixed into my yogurt and banana it was good.

I finished off all of my Crystal Light the other day and thought good I am out of everything with aspartame. Well just my luck the Healthy Balance Juice I bought to replace the crystal light has Splenda. Back to the drawing board I go on my beverages. So far I am water and that is it. I am almost a month out on my no soda. I can't believe I have gone this long. The longest I have ever gone without soda was when I was prego. I never had one drop of it or coffee. So I know I can do it if I set my mind to it.

I have started tracking my calories (day 2) to see where I am at. According to the site I joined I should consume 2,000. So I changed my activity level and I got it to 1,800. Yesterday I ate 1,138. Maybe I am not eating enough and that is why I have slow weight loss. I guess I will mess with this for a week and we will see.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the owner of the car to get the title and I am one step closer to getting myself to the gym!

"Unless you have tried to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." -Ronald E. Osborn


Marcelle said...

When I get back from Cape Town I'm coming to visit you for a must take me to the American shop on base as you have such different things there.
I love going to Koln to visit the British shop as well...different things and so many WW products...
I do think you eating too little calories...Will be interesting to see where you finish today....I'm way over the New WW - under the Old WW and Under in so confusing hey!!

Fran said...

1138 isn't much especially on workout days. You should try eat more it could be the reason why you don't lose weight.

The cereal looks like Special K which I love in my yoghurt in the morning.

Lacey said...

If you actually have to eat more to lose weight I'm going to be confused. In fact, I'm confused already, haha. You're doing great!