Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 21

As I look at my weight loss I am not to impressed. I feel like I should be further along but I am happy for loss and not gain. I can not wait until this weekend so that I can go get hand weights. I am really praying that it will help my journey along.

I am not great with slow weight loss. I know it comes on easy and falls off SLOW. This is where I get discouraged. I have to keep going though. My body deserves better. I am in this for the long run. I mean it is not like I can go body shopping for a new one. It just seems like everyone is losing large number of pounds at a time and I am not. That makes me wonder what I am doing wrong.

I have decided to change up my workout instead of doing the same one every day. I know that can't help and the same one all the time drives me nuts. So here is my new list for now.

Monday~ Biggest Loser Cardio Max

Tuesday~Billy Blanks 12 Power Rounds

Wednesday~Billy Blanks Tae Bo Extreme

Thursday~Billy Blanks AB Boot Camp

Friday~Billy Blanks Cardio Boot Camp

Sat. & Sun. are up in the air. Either a walk or a video or nothing depending on if my husband is around. I will do this for awhile until I want to switch it up but I would say that this is going to be good for awhile.Hopefully on Monday I can add weights!


Marcelle said...

I know the feeling, I also wanted my slimmer body in a hurry, but it doesn't work like that, our body releases the fat when its ready...

I was reading Bob Harber's book and he says only cardio for the first 4 weeks when you start a weights...not sure how long you been on this program as we've only just found each other.

I got your email..will give you a call tomorrow afternoon, after gym, shower and lunch....xx

Lacey said...

Try hard not to get discouraged, you haven't been at it that long and the important thing is that you are losing weight! I'm sure lots of different things work for different people, but I really like your idea of changing your lifestyle and not just going on a diet. Doing that will help lose weight and keep it off forever. You're doing great!