Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 41- Countdown to Christmas Weigh In

I lost 2.8 pounds this week. I have alittle over 3 pounds to go and even though that doesn't seem like it is alot it is also the worst time year to keep the weight off. Holidays and birthdays.

I know I can do it because looking at myself in the mirror will make me alot happier then looking at a full plate of food. I mean that is what leftovers are for. If I want turkey that much I can just have some more the next day!

I worked out today. Not a long video like I wanted but I had presents to wrap, a cake to decorate,cleaning, ect.. I am just happy that I got a video in.

We are having Burger King for dinner tonight so I need really think this one out. So far today I have had a banana and a small tortilla with cheese and hot sauce. I know I am telling my husband no mayo and ketchup when he brings it home but I bet it will still be on there.

I checked my BMI today and I am happy to say that I am now overweight. I am no longer obese. Next goal is to be healthy.Tomorrow I will update my eating from today.


Marcelle said...

well done on the weight lost this week...now its time to share with the other girls on group...at the moment seems no one is losing so we need you to go in and change the impression.

I agree this time is tough to diet, thank goodness we dont celebrate Thanks Giving so one less meal to worry about.
Great to hear you got a bit of a workout, u eating such a little it should be okay...calories in to calories out.

Enjoy or hope you enjoyed the Burger King meal.

dawne said...

Wow, great weight loss this week!!! You'll be there before you know it. I am very impressed!