Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 32 & 33

Sunday I worked out. I did my power workout. Wow it is hard getting back in to working out when I haven't been. With Rachelle sick I have been dealing with that. I made really bad choices eating Sunday and realized I really need to write out what I am going to eat that morning or the night before. I am really bad at waiting until the last minute to eat. Then it goes all down hill from there. I need to change that and NOW.

Today I did my Biggest Loser Cardio Video with weights. Holy Crap. I mastered that video weight free. Adding weights was great. I felt like I was actually doing something. It was the greatest pain I have ever felt.

I decided that I wanted a grilled cheese for lunch but I never fill up from them so I added fresh mushrooms,red bell pepper & tomato. It was great and I think that I am going to start making them this way. I was full when I was done. For snack today I had 1/2 cup pineapple. Dinner was 1/2 cup of pot pie. I will eat something later. Now that my husband is gone I am all thrown off. I was up till 3 this morning and slept till 1 so i guess I am behind a meal.

Tomorrow is a new day and a different video with weights! I am also hoping that figuring out what I want to eat before the last minute will help. I guess only time will tell.


dawne said...

Working out will feel easy again soon...don't give up. Life gets in the way and then we get back on track! Do you like the Biggest Loser Work Out? I have it on my Christmas List, so hopefully Santa baby will be putting it under my tree.

Marcelle said...

I want to buy one of those BL video's but find I need to get out during the day so going to the gym is better for me, how I'd love to have a training session with Bob...a dream come true that would be.
I think its important to know what you going to eat, a plan always works best for me as well.

Marcelle said...

Chemist is a Pharmacy...