Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 37

I woke up this morning with a sore leg. Not sure why. So I did my Power Tae Bo video and 20 crunches. I think I am going to start doing 20 crunches after every work out. All I need is my stomach to stick out further then my

I was also thinking about doing weights well I read every ones blog. Maybe one arm at a time for 1 minute each arm then go back and fourth.Just a thought.

On another note during my complaining yesterday about not losing enough weight at a time another blogger suggested I round my numbers if they are above .5.Maybe I should shave or something. As much as I want to, I feel like I would be lieing to myself if I did that. I know when I used to weigh in with Weight Watchers what the
scale said is what they wrote. There was no rounding of the numbers. So my question is to round or not to round for me?

Tomorrow is chelle's party and sleepover. So we will have cake and for dinner pizza. This should be intresting. I know I can do it though because I have you wonderful blogger friends to keep me on the right track! Thank you guys!!!

I have been reading up on Zumba. Has anyone ever done Zumba? I love the upbeat music (reminds me of home) and it would give me something new to do besides the normal workout videos.


dawne said...

Exactly, the question has to be for YOU...everyone is different. I feel we round money up to the nearest cent based on the .5 system and everything's my way of being moderate, but others like exact. If you round up and down, or don't, it won't change the fact that you're well on your way!!!!!

Marcelle said...

I found doing lots of cardio got the weight off for me, once I got rid of the bulk of the weight i added weights to my workout...dont rush into weights, do as much cardio as you can at this time.

I've never done Zumba, have heard about it as daughter tried a lesson in the Virgina area and said the teacher was so bad that she's been put off the class...while back in Cape Town all my friends who have done the class loves them...a dance workout.