Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 42

From Friday to Tuesday this is what I was cooking and surrounded by.

Granted the cupcakes went out of the house the next day there were 3 left over. I threw away what was left of the cake from the party but now I have a entire cake from last night.

I am going to assume that I will also throw away most of the last cake. I feel like I am wasting food and I know this is because as I was growing up there were always starving children else where. That's why I had to eat all my food. I have had to think long and hard and have finally come to realize that it is OK if I can't eat everything and have to throw it away. As bad as I feel about throwing food away it is part of the reason I am where I am now. I have made a great effort to change that with Rachelle. If she can't finish it all that's OK.

On another note after I frosted the cake I was running the knife over the frosting. HOLY CRAP they give you to much frosting. I ended up taking more back off the cake.Something else I would of never done before.

I know it doesn't look like alot but trust me its alot. Makes my tummy hurt just looking at it.

Last night was Burger King. My husband brought me home a Whopper with cheese,no mayo or ketchup & fries.He tries but he was having a really bad day and just wanted to come home.Brought me a bigger burger then I needed. I decided to take the bread off.Cut more calories that way and added hot sauce. I also added hot sauce to my fries. Then I threw some of the fries away. Yes I threw away fries. I was getting full so I just stopped well I was ahead. There would of been no way I could of ate the burger if I kept the bread on.

Before I moved to Germany I went gluten free for almost a month so that was the way I ate every hamburger and I enjoyed it more because I could taste everything else besides the bread. I am really trying hard to not waste my calories on food that I can live without. I worked out today and it felt great. Weigh in is tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Marcelle said...

So proud that you threw food away...its a hard one to do.
I also only eat half the bun and NEVER eat fries, have you looked at how many calories are in fries, just not worth it for me as I need those calories for other good foods.
I was also brought up being told that there were starving children in the world so eat up, I did the same to my children, but they have stopped the cycle thank goodness.
Tomorrow a holiday for you then....enjoy, I will be having my usual day..gym, ironing and teaching my ladies tomorrow night...
Good luck with your weigh in - its going to be a good one.

dawne said...

Wow, you are one talented baker!!!??!! Your children are blessed to you as their Mama.

Have a great celebration tomorrow, being thankful for all you've been given,but without overeating! Enjoy good things.

dawne said...

Looking forward to your weigh in!