Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 20- Countdown to Christmas

Today I called one of my good friends back home. W h haven't known each other for more then a little over a year but we became inseparable. Anyways she just got a call yesterday that her grandpa was ready to die. He passed away today but she will take great care of him. She is a funeral director and Embalmer. It is written in the will she will fly home and do the embalming. I know that the family will feel better knowing that family took care of him all the way to the end.

I worked out today but I only did the 20 min. power round video. Hopefully tomorrow will be all better. My hamstring did not throb to bad.

I have decided that when I do reach my goal I am going to order somethings from Fredrick's of Hollywood. I love that place. Granted the things on there models will never look like that on me I love what they have so that is what I will do for myself when I hit my goal weight.

I am joining the Christmas Challenge with Dawn. I think that it is really a good idea.

The Rules
1. Choose a specific, realistic goal that you can achieve by December 25TH.
2. Post weekly updates (you choose the day) about your progress.
3. Decide on a gift (reward) that you’ll give yourself when you meet your goal.

1. My goal for Dec. 25th is going to be 15 pounds for my total. Hopefully I can get some free weights this weekend. I think I need something more to add to my work out. That puts me at only needing to lose 9.8 pounds. I am trying to keep in mind that I am not as active as I once was.lol

2. I will post every Tues. and have my regular weigh in on Thursday

3. As for a gift I have no clue. Maybe a new pair of shoes or a movie. I am limited here.lol

Hope you will join us and thanks Dawn for the extra support for the holidays.


Lacey said...

Thank you oh so much for introducing me to the Fredrick's site today Miss Sarah... we all know how much money I will spend now that I don't have, haha. Outfits with adjustable straps?!?! I had no idea!

Glad to hear your hamstring is feeling a bit better, hopefully by tomorrow you'll be good as new!

Marcelle said...

I will be following your journey to losing the weight by Xmas...

Kari J said...

Thanks for this Sarah! I've posted it on my blog and will be doing with you!!