Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 19

I have a confession to make. I bought a diet Pepsi on Saturday after I made my husband bring me one on Friday. I crave soda. I know that I should not drink it but I love it. Funny thing is growing up I never really had any until I was in 5Th grade if I remember right and I didn't really care for it. If I did want it it was 1 one the weekend and that was OK. I think I will blame it on my 5+ years being a manager at Taco Bell and having a soda machine right there.

So I was thinking and I told my husband I don't think I crave sweets I think I crave soda which has me running around like a mad woman looking for something. It was supposed to be that time of the month last week & I would of bet money it was coming. I was craving food and hurt so bad but still nothing. Then I remembered last time I up'd exercise & lowered food intake I was almost 2 months late but these cravings.

Here is the plan. I will buy a 24 pack of diet soda once a month & only once a month. That way I am not having it everyday but that way I don't go to the market well my husband is at work and spend 7 euro on ice cream, soda and German dessert. If I want one then it will be here and if I run out way to early then I should have made better choices. I can not go cold turkey on soda. I always go running right back. Now I know why my husband can't quit smoking though his problem is worse then mine. What do you think?

Today I did the next section of my video. I pulled my hamstring. I am limping through the house. I am so pissed. I felt great doing it and half way through the new part of the video I came down on my right leg wrong. I better feel better tomorrow.

I want to go home in June. Really bad. I took my goal weight & divided it with the months I have left and I need to lose 6.5 pounds every month to go home and shock people. I feel a whole new sense of energy. Of I can do this. I just have to work hard at it but I can!


Marcelle said...

I also enjoy diet soda...whenever I go out that's what I drink as it has no points ( WW program ) and as I don't over do it I am not prepared to give it up...its that for drinks with points...
am sure you not overdoing it either...and I like your plan...I don't have any diet soda at home only mineral water, which I hate drinking in this cold weather.

Work towards your June plan...if you need any help or suggestions just ask.
Sorry to hear about your hamstring...always make sure you warm up before attempting any for of exercise in this cold weather...I have to remind myself as well as I want to get going...

Lacey said...

Soda is definitely difficult to just quit cold turkey. And you're definitely disciplined enough to make a 24-pack last a whole month! Sorry to hear about your hamstring!