Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 31

Today we went to base to get some grocery's for chelle and I as Chris leaves tomorrow morning and will be gone all week. I wanted tomato soup because chelle and I love tomato soup & grilled cheese for dinner. It is "our" thing whenever he is gone. Well they were out of the reduced sodium & the 98% fat free. I am really sick of them always being out of stuff. So we bought 2 cans of the regular and I will just eat less of the soup I guess.

We had lunch there and I ate Subway but instead of the baked chips that I got last time and did not like I got the mashed potatoes from Popeye's. When the calories match up and the fat is off by 2 I will eat what I like better. I mean I did give up the biscuit and the spicy chicken strips. On the sandwich I got the lite mayo but after watching her put it on I have decided that I need to either A)skip it all together or B) tell them lite on lite mayo which I am sure they won't get. I guess I'll go with option A.

I got on the scale this morning and let me tell you I am in a new section of the weight! I know you have no clue what I am talking about since I am not brave enough to put my weight out there but I am 5.8 pounds away from my wedding weight. I am so happy!!! I just want to keep clicking along. I bought weighted balls today to tone my arms well doing some of the videos. I am starting tomorrow since Chris will be gone.Hopefully adding weights will help move the numbers or the inches! So close to the weight in these pictures yet so far.


dawne said...

Look at you gorgeous lady!!!!!

Close to your wedding weight...lucky duck! Don't worry about posting your weight for the world to read, I didn't for the longest time.

Enjoy your soup and sandwiches. Those are favourites at our house too!

Lacey said...

This was one of my favorite days EVER... rain and messy hair and all, haha.

In fact, looking at these pictures makes me almost sad, 'cause I just miss you guys SO MUCH!

Congrats on being so close to your wedding week! Sheesh, you make this look easy!

Marcelle said...

You looked beautiful on your wedding day...such lovely photo's - you lucky you have those for memory, and you looked smashing indeed.
You are so close to your Wedding weight exciting.

We went to subways for lunch today as well...SNAP!
I had the roasted chicken half roll, also asked for light mayo and was shocked at how much they used, so also going to say no sauce in future as its not really needed.

Chat to you this coming week.