Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 17 & 18

I may have lived in Colorado my entire life but it seems like the cold air here just takes your breath away. The fumes from the car seem to cut off my breathing when I walk outside. Maybe because I usually do not walk on busy streets.

Saturday my husband had to work so chelle & I got out to take pics of some of the places we always go to post on my other blog tomorrow. It was a nice walk only about 20 min but I figure that is better then nothing. I ate a late dinner with my husband and I broke down and made the popcorn. I know weight watchers has 100 calorie butter popcorn but the only thing I find here is kettle corn. Needless to say my mother is on a mission to buy me 10 boxes at a time of this and ship it. A whole bag and only 100 calories who can beat that! Sunday I made hot wings that my daughter loves. I really need to find out the calories and what not but it is in German so I will be figuring that out soon. Dinner I made my husbands favorite potato soup.

I am starting week 3 & 4 on my Biggest Loser Video. Hopefully I will be able to walk. I scanned the next section coming up and my knees hurt just watching it but I know that as I lose more weight my knees will feel better. I also ordered Leslie Sansone Fat Burning Miles. I am hoping that this will help add to my workout. Of course ordering this consists of having it shipped to my mom so she can ship it to me! It will be awhile before I get it but I hope it works. I'll be fine to walk outside next year when it is warm again!I know that I need to mix it up and it looks like getting a Wii fit is going to be harder then I thought. The PX is still out of Wii's. So on our next trip there I will buy some hand weights.

I have also decided that since humans base alot of decisions on site if I want dessert I will put it in a condiment cup/serving dish. It is small but still allows me to have some dessert if I want. Funny thing is the first time I did that I thought this isn't going to work. Sad part was it was the perfect amount. Left me satisfied and not having my stomach hurting. I have also started putting my dinners on smaller plates. I may get funny looks but it helps.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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