Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 16

It took alot for me to workout today. I am freezing cold and I just want to stay bundled up. I hate this weather. With a passion I might add. I am sick of workout videos but that is all I have. That or the cold outside. I have to my husband that I need to buy a yoga mat. We have cement right under the floors I think and it is cold and hard. So hard that you won't find me on the floor. I don't know if the Germans believe in carpet but in this apartment they don't.

My motivation I have come to realize to work out though is you guys. I read the blogs and how you have so much more going on in your lives and that is what motivates me to put in that dreaded DVD day after day. Depending on the weather tomorrow I might brace the outside elements with my daughter. Oh how I wish there was a gym close by.

Today was a good day. I sent my daughter off to school then went back to bed till 11 with my husband. He didn't get off work and home till 3 this morning. I then read blogs and had a turkey sandwich with 1 cup of Progresso 80 cal. beef soup. Dinner was Chicken Fajita soup which pretty much was low in calories. I have been craving sweets and broke down on a diet soda and pop tart. I know not the best choice but I had room to have it and I enjoyed little small bites to make it last.

That is my goal. Eat what I want but in moderation. The last thing in a lifestyle that I want it a cart for me and one for my husband.

By the way I did do my workout!!!

Hope everyone has a great and smart/safe weekend!!

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dawne said...

Any chance of posting the chicken fajata soup recipe? Sounds interesting.

Love the moderation eating...I believe it's going to work for us!