Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 15 Weigh In

I will be honest. The last thing that I wanted to do today was step on the scale. If it wasn't for you guys reading this I might of just skipped. This blog is more help then you will ever know. It is giving me the pressure to do better because I feel you guys deserve the best from me. So thank you so much. You may be over the ocean but you are the support system I need right now!

This week I only lost 1.9lbs but that is definitely more then I thought that I would! I know I say ONLY and some people would be happy with that but I am not. I know I can do better. I think that I need to look at it as a good weight loss considering the fact that my activity level is way down. As I look back at what I ate this week it is portions and always have been. I need to eat less of certain foods and feel up on fruits and veggies. I am trying and have been eating more veggies since I have met my husband then I think I ever have.

Kari gave me great advice to look at Loved the site and can't wait to read more about it. Thank you Kari!!

On another note I came across a ebook that you fast for 19 hours at a time and you eat from 5pm to 10pm. It goes into detail about why this is OK for your body and what it teaches your body. I am wondering if I should try it. I talked it over with Lacey last night and she said it wasn't good for your body and such even though about 2 min later she admitted she only eats dinner.This is also coming from a girl that wears a size1 or 2 I am thinking.. You know I still love you though. We are related and in so many ways the same except she is blessed with being skinny and living in sunny AZ. So my question is what do you think about 19 hour fasting everyday and only eating from 5-10. I read most of it last night online. From what I gather this is a permanent way of eating. Sure would help the grocery bill!

I ate better today and did my workout video. I am just so happy to be in the 40 somethings still needed to lose!!!

Hope everyone has/had a great day! Thanks again for the support!!


Lacey said...

Hooray for another loss! I think you're doing great. :-)

I'm still not sold on the fasting idea, I think it could totally backfire and end up screwing up your metabolism, leave you hating your "diet" instead of embracing your "lifestyle," and possibly lead to binging.

Then again, I can't be a total hypocrite and tell you not to do it because, as you've pointed out, I rarely eat more than one meal a day. (Though it's been two meals lately because of those damned Fresh and Easy entrees, haha.)

I'm curious to see what other people think!

dawne said...

Yay on your loss! I'm the last person to tell you to be happy with 1.9 because I'm never happy unless it's 3. Waa, waa...we're a bunch of cry babies! :)

That's pretty hard core fasting. I personally believe fasting isn't just for the physical but for emotional/spiritual reasons. I do think you're a smart woman and you'll figure out if it will work for you. If you're going for it, I'll support you 100%!

Marcelle said...

I'm not that far away and want to support you as well...
do you not weight in kg's? or did you bring your USA scale with you...
I read an interesting blog entry yesterday about weight...why we lose slowly sometimes and other times faster..I should try find it for you and post it as it might make you understand the body a little has its own time to release.