Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 13

It is so hard to stay at home with the refrigerator daunting me like a bully. I wish I had a job or something to do to keep my mind off of food. I have figured out when I am bored is when I eat. It gives me something to do. That is the one thing I have to work on. Finding other things to do when I get bored. Today I decided to sweep & mop. What am I going to do tomorrow though? Sweep and mop again? I hardly see that one.

Movies are also hard for me. Whenever we would go to the movies we always get popcorn. There is something about the smell of movie theater popcorn that even when I am on a diet I have to have it. I get it with little butter or no butter. I hate the amount of butter they put on there but oh the smell. I can never say no. Well now my husband and I make popcorn when we watch a movie at home. It is a habit. One I need to break. We don't watch a movie every night so that is good but my mom just sent me The Proposal so I had to make popcorn to go with it!My husband found this popcorn and it is the closet I can find to the theater.
I do have the 100 calorie Jolly Time or whatever it is called kettle corn. Not a big fan but that is all the have at the store in 100 calorie. That of course is for when I am home alone and need a fast snack!

Today I worked out but I also feel like I ate heavier then I should of. I am putting a can of soup out for lunch tomorrow! God knows if I want the weigh in to be good I need something light. Lunch was my leftover pizza and dinner was wet burritos.

My question is what do you do when your husband can eat whatever whenever? How do you make your dinner work for you. Making something else won't work. I refuse to do it. I have a thing about dirty dishes. Tonight I am not sure how I could of made it work better except now that I am typing this I am thinking I should of cut it in half. Why do I always think of things after the fact. Any suggestions would be great!

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Kari J said...

The BF and I are eating a little better these days but it seems that I can cook dinner and I have to eat a little and he gets to eat as much as he wants - and still loose the weight! It gets old after awhile. I just try to cook what I always do but make in healther as much as I can. If some thing calls for butter, I use yogurt butter or for milk - I used skim milk, etc... I also follow a site called Hungry Girl and I have both of her cookbooks - she makes everyday food good and low-fat/cal! If you haven't checked her out you should (www.hungrygirl.com). Also, thanks for your email, I never got yours, not sure why?!?! I'm starting one but work keeps getting in my way to finish it ;)! I will get it your way soon!! Thanks soooo much!