Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 7

I did some thinking last night and wanted to try and figure out when I started this journey. I got to my highest weight when I quit my job, moved and waited for my husband to come home from Iraq. I think it was leaving my job that was the hardest for me. My husband and I decided that there was no reason for me to work 50 hours a week anymore once he was home. I was only working that long because I was a single mother but now I had his help. Well I quit and felt worthless. I started gaining weight because I did nothing.

We were planning a big wedding in July 2008. We did the fast court house wedding in 2006 but he wanted to give me the wedding every girl wants. I stepped on the scale and almost died. March 2008 I decided I needed to bust ass so I could lose weight. For the wedding I managed to lose 28.2 pounds! From March to July I busted ass and went to the YMCA 5 mornings a week and also 2 times a week at night. Now I have no gym.So my new goal is 54 pounds to lose. My birthday is in March and I would be happy with a 20 pound lose by then. I want steady weight coming off. The last thing I need is alot of lose hanging skin after I hit my goal weight.

The bad news is of the 28.2 pounds I lost I have gained back 17 pounds. That sucks but I guess that I can look at it as since July 2008 to now that is all that I gained back. Also I can look at it as I need to lose 17 more pounds AGAIN.... The stress of weight gain is worse then any roller coaster I have ever ridden.

I have realized that it might be alittle harder since I don't have a job or kids at home. It is hard to keep yourself moving when you have the house to yourself everyday. You can clean so much but with most of our stuff in storage in the states clutter is not a problem. So on with my new journey in weight loss.

Breakfast today was Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal with crystal light.
Lunch was turkey sandwich with, mustard, 1 slice low fat cheese and 2 strips bacon
Dinner was leftovers from last night. I only did my 1/2 cup of rice again!
Snack was 100 calorie popcorn

I also worked out. It hurt & didn't help that I babysat from 5:45 this morning till after 6. So by the time I had dinner, helped my daughter with her homework I could of easily skipped it. I am still sore as hell but I thought no I didn't do anything Sunday because of the accident and I skipped yesterday because I couldn't move so I did it. I did my video which my daughter got a kick out all the moans that came with it. One more reason to work out well she is at school.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I am alittle nervous. I don't feel like I gave it my all. I guess we will see.

Update ...its 945 and i just had an apple. I have the munchies for some reason.


dawne said...

I agree that it's harder to manage eating when you're not working outside the home. I know that there's lots to do at home, but there's also many opportunities to eat! Can you fill parts of your day with programs? Like, an exercise class one day, cooking class another, book club, etc...? I don't even know if they have those communities where you are living. I've found it much easier now that I'm back into my work routine. I'm rooting for ya! Have you picked out a wedding gown yet???

Lacey said...

You're doing a great job, Sarah! And it's only your first week!

Last week I started trying to work out. And by "work out" I mean starting a routine, a habit, to set aside a little time each day to exercise... nothing much, just a few push ups, sit ups, that kind of thing. I figure I can always work up from there when five push ups don't KILL me.

I did it twice. And then I totally forgot. And now it's Wednesday of week two and I'm so jealous of your determination, haha. You WILL keep me on track, Sarah, because you must! ;-)

Lacey said...

PS: I made a button for this blog and put it on your main one. Hooray!