Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 14

Its one of those days. I have cramps that are killing me and all I want to do is munch.I don't even want to get on the scale tomorrow. This time of the month usually comes with a 5 pound gain. Aren't I the lucky one.

I did exercise today even though it hurt. Breakfast was cereal. Lunch was a sandwich and 80 calories worth of soup. Dinner was leftovers but made a little different. I have had water and green tea for my drinks today but for snack I had gluten free ginger snaps and after dinner I ate 3 Oreo's.Does it help they are reduced fat? I haven't had any since elem. school. I hate chocolate except once a month.

My husband is going to be gone off and on till Thanksgiving which pretty much makes me want to give up. I hate when he is away even worse since we are in Germany.

I will be happy with any kind of lose but right know I am seriously doubting it.

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dawne said...

Sorry you're feeling down Sarah! I always used to hate when my husband when away and left me in the country I moved to for him!!!! Seriously, he was off in Sweden and Norway, and I was left in the 3rd world!?!

I hope you can cheer up and not turn to food in your frustrations. Easier said than done, I know,but you'll feel better finding other methods. Will those cramps away! Some swear exercise helps with the monthly cramps.

Happy thoughts going your way!!!