Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 28

Today was not anything how I had it planned. I feel like I am on a roll then all of a sudden something changes. Chris was given today off which was nice. Rachelle is sick. So sick she was crying this morning. That is nothing like her. We can only work one heater in the house so far (German heating is diff. then the states). She has the chills so she is on the living room floor. My work out space is where she is right now. So workout for today is zero. It sucks but what can you do when you have a sick child in the only area you can work out. I really miss the states sometimes. There I had a gym and a big house with more room.Oh and a heating system I knew how to work.

So today I ate leftover chili for lunch and dinner. I seem to not eat as much when my husband is around. I feel the need to impress him. Anyone else ever do that? Eat differently when you around certain people. As a result I have a headache though.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day so we will see how that goes. The monthly visitor needs to take a hike. I step on the scale every morning. Lets me know where I am at. Let that "time of the month" come and I will avoid the scale if all possible. I hate the scale with a passion for that one week. You guys are counting on me though no matter what so I will step on the scale. Just for you! Don't you all feel so special.


Kari J said...

I'm sure you will have a great weigh in tomorrow!!

I hope your daughter gets better and fast! It's no fun when you don't feel good!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Marcelle said...

I wonder what heating you have, our heating is so easy, each room has a little thermostat and you just turn it to the temp you want in the room, some rooms have wall heaters...I turn them on, do you not have wall heaters in most rooms and underfloor heating?Ask the person you are renting from to show you how it works or else you will freeze your butt off when it starts getting older and it does..

Sorry to hear your little one is not feeling well...horrible when one has a sick child at home in this weather...

I eat whatever I want to eat around Heinz, but yes, if I'm with my mom and I'm encouraging her to lose weight I am very careful what I eat in front of her...LOL

Lacey said...

I hope Rachelle feels better soon! It sounds like (from what you told me earlier) that you have a VERY busy day tomorrow, so I wouldn't worry about not working out today. You're going to be running around to make up for it tomorrow!

You totally need to learn how to work your heater. You're going to FREEZE if you don't, haha.