Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 188

Last night Rachelle decided to try a little Zumba with me. She has to come with me so that I can take her right to soccer after. Now she see's all the fun that I have. I do miss the day class though. The night class is so full.

Came home and went running. I learned that I am unable to give it my all when I eat lunch at 2:30 then I did Zumba from 5-6 ate a banana well Rachelle was at soccer & came home from soccer to run a little after 8. I was running on empty but I still did it. It really amazes me the difference I feel in my feet and legs with proper shoes. Who would of guessed. LOL.

Chris got in this morning around 230am. I am going to try and talk him into going with me on a run tonight but I doubt he will. It will depend what time he gets off tonight.

I have been doing something. Why is it that even though I have lost 33 pounds I sometimes feel more self conscious then before. I was wearing tank tops when I went to run errands after work I don't know why but I was really concerned about how fat I looked. I kept thinking I should of brought a jacket. Who cares if it is 19 outside. I just want to hide my body. It has me thinking will I truly ever be happy with my image. When I was 120 pounds (my true desired goal weight) I thought I was to fat. I won't bore you with what I think of weight now. I hate that feeling. I envy the girls that are carefree, love there bodies and are totally confident!! Now that's a goal to go for.

"A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit." -Desiderius Erasmus


Marcelle said...

Well done on the class and then the run afterwards...wow you have energy. Great that Rachelle enjoyed the class, she loves dance so that great she can do that.

Its way way to cold for tank tops...are those the tops where your stomach hangs out or are tank tops short sleeve tops...u have me confused now...
I think woman should keep their tummies covered after 40...so while you can...show yours...LOL

Marcelle said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH cool...thats good....see now.

Fran said...

And Zumba and a run: girl you've impressed me! Well done!

You have to learn to love your body but I'm sure one day you will. Maybe you should try to look in the mirror every morning and say to yourself: I'm a beautiful woman because that's what you are!

I still wear a jacket at 19C :lol: but it's a light one.

Lacey said...

I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't stress out about how they look. Which is kinda funny when you think about it, because everyone is so concerned about themselves that it's highly unlikely they're worrying about what YOU look like. I have to remind myself of that... often, haha.

I'm so excited that Rachelle tried Zumba too! You guys are gonna be two hot mamas! ;-)

dawne said...

You are the Zumba queen! I've got to try it one of these days!

Diane said...

Hi Sarah,
I am long overdue for a comment on your blog. Lately I've had so much trouble finding time to post entries and then get around to visit all my blog friends.

I'm so glad that you seem to have found 2 things that you really love doing - Zumba and running. I think that is the key to staying active and being consistent. Doing what you love.

And concerning body image - hopefully, as you grow older ( I believe you are still quite the youngster) you will come to love you body more. Once you cross the age of 40 - I call it the age of empowerment for women. You start to look at how wonderfully your body has carried you through everything. Given birth, nurtured and grown strong.

sometimes I look in the mirror and I still am unhappy with my legs or my hips. But then I always try to remember that I am healthy, I am walking, I am strong. Many would love to be in my situation, even with my chunky thighis and all. And so I always remember to give myself some love and say thank you to my body for all the amazing things it can do.

I hope that technique might help you a bit too. Take care and as always, thank you for your comments and encouragment and kind words left on my blog!


Sunshine Mama said...

Nice work on all the working out!

I try to follow your mantra myself and not bring home the food that I like a little "too much".

I also like your quote. We are creatures of habit, so replacing an unhealthy habit with an healthy habit works well for us.

Is that 19 degrees farenheit? That is cold for a tank. Body image is a strange thing...maybe you have other feelings going on that are affecting the way you view yourself. It's weird but I will usually feel better about my body after an invigorating run than before the run.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I honestly believe it takes our minds a bit of time to catch up with our bodies. I know I am still not where I need to be weight-wise, but I am getting close enough that there is nothing to be ashamed about with my body, yet I still would be uncomfortable walking around without a shirt on.

Amy said...

Zumba! Zumba! Zumba!!! Woo hoo!!!

Go, Sarah girl, go!

I still need to get my fannie to a Zumba class... sounds like so much fun!

Marcelle said...

Sarah where are you...
No weekly weight in for us...this is not like you at all to not keep note of your journey.
ARE YOU OKAY??????????

I'm going to call you later to hear from you in person...everyday I look out for a new entry and everyday nothing comes my way. You havent visited my blog either...so something is up...

Thinking of you!!

Marcelle said...

I'm waiting for the last weeks Thursday's weight update...if you not going to blog it then email me...someone has to keep a check up on you....:)

Fran said...

Sarah I miss you, hope everything's okay and you didn't give up on blogging.

Hugs for you.

Fran said...

Bella is Italian for beautiful, that's why we choose it. We love Luna too which is Moon in Italian but the dog of our neighbours is called so.

But I have to admit that I secretly like it too that she's also named the same as Bella in the Twilight Saga. She likes it because she's constantly trying to eat my Breaking dawn book when I'm reading :lol: