Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 176 Weigh In

OK right to the point. Today is weigh in day. Today I also woke up to my monthly visitor. I was not looking forward to stepping on the scale but I can't avoid that thing. He calls my name. I stayed the same. No loss no gain. Now considering I used to gain during TOM and as I have lost weight I have realized that I have very little gain (ounces) or stay the same. Make me wonder how much a woman really gains from her visitor compared to the gain from the food we crave from the visitor.

Well talking to Marcelle today about running I realized I am running in shoes that are over 7 years old and these..

I am pretty sure Phat Farm shoes do not count as running shoes. Could be why I can feel ever rock I land on. She also asked where that famous heart rate monitor that I keep saying I am going to get is. Well I hate spending money on me. I feel guilty. Plain and simple. I feel I do not do my part now that I am in Germany to spend money on myself. She knocked some sense into me and I am ordering it as soon as I finish writing this. This does have to do with my health. It is not like I am trying to buy jewelery. In fact I am going to look at running shoes tomorrow and jeans. Whats the purpose of losing 30 pounds and dressing like a slob right?

Thanks Marcelle for the talk today. I really needed it. Such a great friend you are.

Now on to the running shoes. They only sell Nike and Adidas on post. Which do you prefer??

"You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one." -Henry D. Thoreau


Marcelle said...

SARAH.......... you always say such kind things...I really wish we lived closer to each other as we could have a lot more fun living in g-e-r-m-a-n-y than we are.

I want you to send me the link that comes to say the HR monitor has been ordered, that way I know you have...or else I will be sitting on your head till I see a photo of it on your arm!!

Those are NOT shoes to run in, no wonder you only running one minute at a time and with your chest burning...I have idea which is the best shoe from the two choices you have..why not try a sport shop in your town, must it be from the America shop at base?? I love Nikes for my aerobic sure other blog readers will have something to tell you..I am a Asics fan when it comes to running shoes.

So glad to hear you going to buy a pair of jeans, but what about summer gear....Jeans are too hot in summer going to need lighter pants - I think you need to come to me so I can show you around at the more affordable shops that I go buy my clothing..
You deserve a new wardrobe...stop feeling guilty, YOU gave up your life in US to support your man, I know he wont mind you buying yourself clothing, it will make you feel like a million dollar babe!!!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You totally need new clothes and new shoes! And as for the weight staying the same - I consider that a victory when it's that TOM!

Katie J said...

I used to love Nike but have found them inferior over the last 10 years. Adidas would be my choice if I only had 2 choices.

Amy said...

Here here to what Diane said!! Totally totally perfectly FINE considering Aunt Flow being there her monthly visit... keep going girl! Awesome awesome you are doing!

Tiff said...

OOoooo girl, you have GOT to get new shoes- those are not good for running! And I agree with Tricia, you didn't gain so it's all good :)

LadyRaven said...

Both are equally unethical companies, so go with which shoe fits best

dawne said...

You actually lost weight if it was first day of TOM with no gain! Yipee!

I'm thinking after 7 months it's time for new running shoes, never mind 7 years Sarah!

Fran said...

The brand for shoes isn't important. What's important is that the shoe fits and you run smoothly on it. I would go to a running store where they have expertise.

I started few years back on cheap running shoes and had an injury on my leg within the month. I went to Run2Day (a shoe store in Holland) and they filmed me running and let me try on some shoes on which I had to run a round around the block. I ended up with Brooks shoes in a color I don't really like (orange/white) but boy do I have pleasure from my shoes.

The ones you have now aren't good for running, you'll get injured if you continue to run on those.

Good luck with buying the shoes.