Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 171, 172 & 173

This weekend went by really fast. My husband left today till the 19th though they may bring him home for the 4 day this weekend.

Saturday we had a lot to do. Remember those days when trying to find an outfit sometimes was a pain in the butt? Well somehow I missed the stage when the clothes I have would of fit perfectly. I know take forever trying to find clothes that look half way OK on me. Buying clothes in Germany is expensive. No running to Wal Mart or Ross or even Target. If I buy on the economy I take a loss to convert money and the PX charges more because they have to ship further. In a way Saturday I was depressed. I finally have a body that I am getting more comfortable with & do not find the need to hide under a coat yet now I look like a slob because everything hangs. I can't even play the lottery here...

What my husband did get me this weekend is fun gadgets I can use to push my weight loss a little more. Unfortunately some are going back to the store.

I grabbed this Heart Rate Monitor because it was on clearance. It is clearly marked on the side that once opened it could not be returned. I did some research on it and decided to return it. Once battery pack on the chest strap goes out you have to replace the entire thing. You can't just change the battery's. They cost $40-$50. There was a couple other things I am not really liking.

I wanted to know how many steps I do a day... So I got this.

Took it on a run today and it flew off more then once. The second time it flew off the battery flew out which put me back at 0. Not worth the $20. The steps I took and the steps it counted where off. Pulling my pants up & down also gave me steps. Who would of thought something as simple as adjusting my pants would of given me steps.

These I am keeping.

I will wear them when I run or walk. Days that I can make it to Zumba I will also wear them or any days that I need to do a video. I want to lean up not bulk up so hopefully these will help. I looked at the ones that go on your wrist because I could get them in 2 pounds each but they slide right off. These have a zipper so my husband said he would figure out how to add more weight but I am sure with an hour of Zumba and swinging my arms around I will feel it.

"To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny." -Alan Cohen


Syl said...

Never seen the weighted gloves, seems kind cool! To bad about the others but like you said if it cost more money to replace the battery just not worth it!

Amy said...

oooooo, fun fun toys!!! How awesome is that.. I love all of these, Sarah! Woo hoo.. fantastic additions to your journey to health... fantastic!

Hope you had a beautiful Easter!

Hugs.. Amy

Marcelle said...

Hello there, hope you manage without Chris around...time flies as you before you know it he will be back.
I have decided to go visit a friend in Munich for a few days the 2 weeks Heinz is away...I don't fancy sitting here alone, she loves to run and photography so we will have lots to keep ourselves busy with..( A German who speaks English )

One must buy a good HR monitor, mine is good and still gives me while running it went to 00 for awhile, then read my HR at 25, then back to 135, then 55, very frustrating and its been happening often...with a new battery in my watch and strap...I have asked Heinz for a Garmin for my birthday...hope that will be a little better...

I tried the Step counter and fond mine also kept falling and I lost it after time...the only step counter that worked was on my cellphone, but now I dont have that phone anymore so not counting steps. I know now that after an hours of running my steps are around 8 000 and then its 2 000 I have to walk during my day...which I can do,but dont very often.

I was taught that those wrists weights are bad for you as they add lots of pressure on your joints in that area...
I would not dance with them....but thats just my opinion..they more for toning or boxing classed.

Glad you had a good weekend....

Marcelle said...

BTW, a good shop to buy affordable clothing and fashionable clothing is a shop called C 'n A...Good value for money there.

Lacey said...

I've had the same issues with pedometers... the worst is when you're running and they count every up and every down as a step (if that makes sense) so it's actually doubling what you're doing. I just gave up after a while because it was too frustrating. :-)

Fran said...

C&A is a good suggestion from Marcelle, we have that in Holland too and they're not expensive. Had you looked on Ebay yet? I often buy clothes from Ebay for a nice price.

I have my Polar for 5 years now and only had to change the battery once last year. The strap was still good but I can buy that separately if it breaks down.
I have a pedometer but I don't like wearing it. It bothers me.

The weight gloves look cool.

Sunshine Mama said...

Too bad about the clothing. Guess I never thought about the kind of stores Germany does and doesn't have. Do they do garage sales?

My dad loves his pedometer. I don't know what kind he has though. I'm not a gadget kind of person...mostly because I get impatient with getting everything set up. I do like my stop watch though, but that's pretty simple.

I think I would be annoyed by weighted gloves. I just picked up some stretch bands this weekend which you can use for a work-out if you're not near a gym.

I like your quote today. It's the marching into the great unknown that can reveal exciting and wonderful things to us, yet the process can seem scary and insurmountable. I can relate with this.

LadyRaven said...

Dotn worry too much about that strap. I have it too and i have had it for 2 years and its still going and I use it all the time. J has had his for 5 years and has changed his watch battery 3 times since and is still going with the strap.

Step counters work like that, there is nothing much you can do about it really as it works on movement, just take the total as an approximate amount. I think polar has a step counter for the shoe that may be a little more accurate