Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 178, 179 & 180

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was nonstop which I am not used to but it was great..minus attepmting the menu again(lol). I will get this one day.

Friday night Chris wanted to walk up the street to an Italian restaurant. I do not really like this place but he loves it. There pasta is nasty and there pizza is so so. I was going to order a pizza with lots of veggies on it. I did. I got a pizza that was on fire. I mean real flames were coming off of the top of the pizza which meant that it had lots of bread and cheese on top. Not great. Live and learn I guess. We walked to the ice cream parlor & I got frozen yogurt.

Saturday was the Nuremberg Festival. We went to lunch first at a Mexican Restaurant. I had..

This was not at all what I thought I was getting. Either way I did not eat the chicken taco. I had the beef taco and some of the burrito. I am really getting frustrated. I do not like the food in Germany and I feel like I am wasting calories. Yet I need to eat.

At the festival I got nothing. Some of that food smelled so good. I wanted some of the pastries so bad but I did not get any. I did take a sip of Rachelle's hot chocolate. It was cold. We also stopped off at the beer tent to warm up and I had to order a Coke. There goes my no soda thing but I did stay away from the diet. They had no regular water or juice. Only beer and carbonated water which I hate. I did leave over half of my soda though because I forgot I hate the way it taste here.

Katherine & I holding our husbands beer

One of the stands at the fair...

Chris in the beer tent...

In the beer tent..

Dinner that night was Subway with water. I had the 6 inch sub. with turkey, veggies, mustard and no mayo.!!

Sunday was another disaster with food eating. Not looking forward to my weigh in on Thursday. For all the military in German you would think they would either had English menus or speak English a little better. That or they are playing dumb because they know we are military. There is no getting out of it with the haircuts on the guys. We stand out...

"Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you." -Richard Bach


dawne said...

You're looking pretty tiny in that photo Sarah! Pretty tiny indeed!

Marcelle said...

Looks like u had a great weekend for a change...hate it when you sit and do nothing when there is so much to see.
You look slim in your new jeans...I see a huge difference in your body....

I have another dot on my brain.not good hey!!

Fran said...

I think the Mexican food looks good :)

You have to remember that the German's don't learn English much. All the tv shows from abroad are synchronised in German so they don't hear English that much.

Here in Holland we start learning English at 6 or 7 year's old (in my days it was at 12 year's) and all tv shows have subtitles so we hear English a lot.

You can't really blame them for not speaking English :)

Amy said...

Hi beautiful Sarah!! Love seeing you, girl! You are looking so fit and trim! Yay!

What a fun fun weekend.. beer and foodies ;)

Have a great day!

Splurgie said...

The Mexican looks pretty good to me ... good for you for not eating the whole thing. It must be tough to find each place to be a dietary land mine. It sounds like you are making the best of it. You look great!

LadyRaven said...

You are looking amazing!

Good for you for not eating all that food