Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 170

Dinner last night was something new. Turkey burgers. I love turkey but I wasn't sure that I could get my husband to go for a turkey burger. He doesn't have the issue I have with weight. In fact he can't even gain any. Anyways I thought it was good. I will not always eat turkey burgers as I love me a juicy beefy hamburger. Turkey will be the majority of the time though. I also made turkey the other night in the chili and I got thumbs up to continue that!

All that red is Franks Hot Sauce which has replaced ketchup & I decided I would rather have the baked fries over the bun!! As you can also see by the word fire towards the top of the picture. Yup that's the mustard. We like it hot in this house.

Now I have a question. I work part time from 10-2. I try & eat at the last minute because I know I won't get to eat until I get home. Today after I ran errands I didn't get home until 3:30 & was starving. By any chance am I screwing up my metabolism or what I have worked so hard for. Eating at work isn't a option. When you only work 4 hours you don't get a break.

Still deciding on the heart rate monitor but I saw that the PX has pedometers. I will be getting on of those in the mean time. I also found some wrist weights so I will be getting those. I don't see me getting to do Zumba anymore which depresses me but you are to put your child first so soccer practice and bible study have taken over the only two times left to go to Zumba. Its a sad day today.

I hope everyone has a great weekend & Easter!

"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains And we never even know we have the key." -Eagles ("Already Gone" from 1974's "On the Border" album)


Marcelle said...

Have a great Easter weekend as well...
I'm making Turkey mince and something ( not sure yet ) for dinner this evening...I love Turkey as dont eat red meat ( out of choice )

Syl said...

could you right before starting your shift and then have an apple or some sort of snack right after before dinner?
Just a thought.
Never tried a turkey burger

Lacey said...

I love turkey burgers... we pretty much always substitute turkey for beef around here, as long as it's on sale. :-)

I suppose you could always pack some sort of snack (like a granola bar or something) to have right after work... just to kinda tide you over until you get home after running errands. Hm.

That sucks about Zumba, did you end up buying any Zumba videos?

Fran said...

Maybe bring a sandwich to work which you can eat as soon as you are finished with work? I can imagine that you were starving. I need my meals at certain times of the day otherwise my sugar level gets to low. I'm not diabetic or something, just have to eat at regular hours.

I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to go to Zumba because you loved it so much.

Happy Eastern Sarah.


Katie J said...

Have you thought about getting the DVDs of Zumba? Might they have them at the library nearby? I was just looking at them the other day and they run about $50 but you may be able to find them cheaper on eBay. Too bad they don't have them at Target (that I know of)

Happy Easter Miss Sarah!

Sunshine Mama said...

Loved the hot sauce over fried picture! It looked great!

I'm with everyone else...maybe bring something along to eat after work. Or...maybe put something together in liquid form like a protein shake/ with a banana for carb to drink like coffee during work. You can down those things in seconds if you have to. I usually eat something every two to three hours to keep my metabolism going strong...Will four hours kill you? Probably not...but would want to make sure you get fuel shortly before and after then.

Sorry about you not being able to make your favorite work-out.

dawne said...

I love turkey burgers too! I've been using ground turkey and chicken in all of my ground beef recipes and so far, no one has complained. Bring a snack for right after your shift. I always drive home from work with a snack so I don't eat when I arrive home to prepare supper.