Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 182

It seems like I never have anything interesting to say. I have often thought of closing my blog because I truly believe that I write a crappy blog. I am not creative when it comes to writing. Either way here is some more to bore you. Enjoy!

I love Ramen Noddles. Maybe it is because they are cheap or that I have mastered cooking them in the microwave. Who can beat a one dish meal. I turned them over the other day and about died. The serving size is 1/2 of the block. First off I have a hard of enough time breaking them up in the package before I open it I can just see me attempting to break it in half for a serving. Either way after looking at the nutritional guide it isn't worth it to me. Gone are the days of a cheap fast dinner.

On another note though I have discovered these wonderful perfect 100 calorie serving size bags of popcorn!! They give me my popcorn fix and I don't have to worry about eating more then the portion since the bag is portioned for me.

My next favorite find (because I have nothing better to do in is these Turkey Burgers. They are perfect to throw together for a healthy meal. In fact dinner last night was one with some baked sweet potato fries topped off with hot sauce. These work perfect for when Chris is gone & I need something more healthy then what I might go for.

Lastly can you guess what I received in the mail today? Guess you will have to wait until tomorrow. Yup, this is my way to get you to come back for more!!!

"Men succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparation for their victories." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


LadyRaven said...

a heart rate monitor!!
Am I right?

Amy said...

Oooooo, you stinker! Was hoping the next picture was the open box... lol!!

Love all your favorite goodies to eat, Sarah! That Top Ramen is so bad isn't it?? LOL! I stopped eating and feeding it to my family years ago after I too flipped over the package... crazy crazy! The sodium, the preservative, the fat... yikes!
Convenience doesn't mean quality most of the time unfortunately!

Those Turkey burgers look awesome tho!! will have to find them in my grocer!!

Have a beautiful day... oh oh and don't you dare call your blog's NOT! You are such a delight! I always love coming over here and reading about your day... no closing anything...and more sharing! yes yes!!


Marcelle said...

I love your blog and have NEVER found it boring, its one of the blogs I look out for daily...
The food looks interesting...we have something in SA called 2 minute noodles, and they also are full of rubbish, we lived on them for quick meals as well...oh how we have grown since back then...

I also think I know what it is...and remember Heinz is here if you need help!!!!

Katie J said...

You do not give yourself enough credit young lady. I come here every day to see what you have to say and I would be VERY sad if you closed it down :-(

P.S. I think it is a HRM too.

Fran said...

Don't ever scare me again by saying you might close your blog: you're not boring. If you were I wouldn't be coming back every time you wrote a new one.

I like to read about other peoples lives, especially in other countries.

Boy you've made me curious what's in the box. Love the pinks nails by the way!

dawne said...

You are hilarious. I wouldn't waste my precious time reading a boring blog! Sometimes I laugh out loud are quite entertaining. So, Sarah, no closing down the blog for you. You're not getting out of your weigh in's that easily!