Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 184 & 185

Sorry for no post yesterday. I know that I always post from Monday to Friday but yesterday I left the house at 930am and didn't get home until after 11 that night. I have never run around so much and didn't feel like I got anything done.

I made some bad choices yesterday that led to the scale going back up. Showing up at a Greek Restaurant at 10pm to eat dinner was not the smartest idea. I learned my lesson. Not only did it affect the scale but my sleeping.

Today I went to the Zumbathon. It was supposed to be 4 hours but there was a teacher that decided to do a no show and then the sound system didn't work. It turned out to be 2 hours and 40 min. with a total calorie count of 1,503. I think that was good considering I had no clue what 2 of the teachers were doing. I love my heart rate monitor. I wish I would of gotten one sooner. I am very competitive with myself and I have issues with numbers so I see myself rounding numbers and working out more to round that number. This will be good!!!

Tomorrow will only be a walk maybe a run. My legs are really feeling it from today!

Well I am off to catch up on all of your posts.

"Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of." -Unknown


Fran said...

You did almost three hours of Zumba? Impressive! Well done Sarah!

I like numbers too, I always try to improve my time or distances if it's running or on an elleptical. This makes working out more fun for me.

Marcelle said...

I needed to do Zumba today am sure it would have lifted my mood...I was so down today, Heinz was ready to send me back to SA!!!!!

Enjoy your walk/run tomorrow...I just skipped for legs are sore, but running I will do tomorrow, need to burn getting fatter.

dawne said...

Remember that's not "real" weight. It's sodium/water gain from eating so late. It will be down soon. Just keep doing what you know works Sweet Sarah!

Lacey said...

I'm glad you had fun! All this talk about Zumba ALMOST makes me want to try it, haha. ;-)

Anonymous said...

We live and we learn. We often underestimate the learning part. Make today a great day!

Fran said...

You go girl on that 5K tonight.

I like this weather too as long as it's not above 25C. My body can't really deal with that. For that reason I never lay down in the sun to get a tan for example. Today it was below 25 C and perfect to sit outside with a book but for running it was a bit to hot for me.