Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 177

Last night Rachelle and I went on a walk. Running was not going to happen as I didn't feel well. I knew I did need to get out and do something though. It was nice to take a walk, talk and take some pictures.

Today I bought a new pair of pants and a new shirt. I went down 2 pant sizes! A part of me was scared to try on new jeans and find out I am either the same or down only 1 but nope I was down 2. This is the first time that I have bought new jeans since last year. I bought a shirt in a L. I could of worn a medium but my husband wasn't digging the front porch look in that size. I am an idiot and wore flip flops today so I couldn't try on shoes but I have all next week off for spring break so I will make a point to do it.

We are wanting to go to the Nuremberg Volksfeste tomorrow. I can already see how this could be interesting on the eating plan. We are going to take the train there as everyone says parking is a mess and so expensive. So bringing a cooler with food is not a option. I will eat a good and healthy breakfast and go from there. It is not like I do this every weekend and I am in Germany. I also want to enjoy myself and try new things out.

I do however promise to make the best choices possible. At least to my knowledge! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

"Unless you have tried to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." -Ronald E. Osborn


Marcelle said...

Wow the two of you are brave to walk outdoors with flip flops on...I wear them indoors at the moment but when I go out its still cold and need my feed covered..

Congratulations on going 2 sizes down...such a lovely feeling...I also go for bigger shits, they look better than when too tight.

Have a great time away this weekend...not sure what Heinz has got planned for us as yet, but know Saturday is out day out.

Thanks for sharing your part of town with me, very neat indeed...not a paper have to love that about Germany.

dawne said...

Pictures of you in the jeans are where???????? Congrats Sarah! How exciting.

Fran said...

I took my flipflops out of my closet today. Inside I can wear them already, outside it's a bit too cold for me.

Enjoy the Volksfest, look forward to your stories about it.

Lovely pics by the way.

Amy said...

Weee hooo to 2 sizes smaller, Sarah!! That is absolutly AWESOME! Now go and put those jeans on a take a little picture for me, k? K!