Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 187

Have you ever had a weekend where you screwed up. You thought you had this figured out then come to find out that you don't. Well you all know that this was my weekend. What worries me now though more then anything is will I be strong enough to maintain when I get there. I am not so sure I am strong enough after the mistakes I made this weekend.

I started out the morning with my buddy.. the scale. I was so upset with myself on Sunday morning I needed to see what today brought. Well I went from being up 4 pds to only being up 1 pd. I will have to put some hard work in to get the scale to move some more by Thursday.

Tonight I hope to go to Zumba. I won't be able to stay the entire time but something is better then nothing!

I wanted to share my workout stats from last week. My calories should be higher because daily mile doesn't give me any for Zumba so the calories I got are only from runs, Saturday & Sunday. Now that I have my HR monitor this will be the first week of correct info. Either way here we go..

7 miles tracked, 7 hrs & 15 min. logged, 2264 calories burned, & 12 workouts. My goal is to beat that this week. Chris does come home tonight & when that happens I usually want to spend time with him & not worry about me. I can't do that anymore because he is always gone. I need to work on me!

If you don't follow Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit you need to read today's. He is to funny and I promise today will make you laugh!

"Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up." -Robert Frost


Marcelle said...

I told you that it was salt and water gain, and that you will lose it quickly...
and look you have!!!!!!!!!!!
We are so hard on ourselves, I do understand that as well.
I got on the scale and .7 down from yesterday. oh yes you American...hehe, thats 1.5 pounds...I was ready to slit my wrists on Sunday remember!!!

Maintaining is hard...but I think if you keep a check on it daily you are okay, its like you just continue dieting with allowing yourself sometimes off to eat when you go out - but otherwise nothing changes.

I'm home tonight....alone, so if you feeling like blabbing call me!!

Lacey said...

Don't beat yourself up too much, it's all part of the journey!

Sunshine Mama said...

I'm beginning to think that maintaining is about just keeping an eye on your weight and when it goes too just adjust things to bring it back down.

And look, that's what you're doing. I'm doing it too.

Not being aware is the worst thing we can do. But we're facing our weight...our food choices and reacting appropriately.

I think you're doing great!