Monday, January 17, 2011

Weather Plays Into My Eating

I always knew that the weather played into our emotions, eating & daily habits. I really realized this today though. Yesterday the sun was out all day! I ate wonderfully & felt great about the day!! Today is another story. Fog all day. It is 2:15 in the afternoon and the fog is still bad. I feel blah. I want to just watch movies and eat. Instead I am doing laundry, mopping & cleaning my daughters room. Anything I can to keep from eating. I hate this feeling.

Yesterday ~ 730am

Today ~ All day

Here pictures of my breakfast & lunch from yesterday. Breakfast today was a piece of wheat bread with peanut butter & lunch was the same minus the cheese stick. Smoked Salmon on German bread (which I have no clue the calories), lettuce & lite Philadelphia chili cream cheese.

Breakfast is Yogurt, banana, pineapple, strawberry's, raisins, oats & organic pumpkin flax seed.

This is my latest gadget of fun!! I stick my Iphone in there & dance away well I make dinner. I am known to crank the music so high I don't even hear the phone or door bell. In fact my neighbor finds it funny to sneak up to the kitchen window & scare me (after I assume he laughs at my dancing). Either way I am so into my Zumba music I find that I do not snack well I make dinner anymore!

I finally broke down and bought myself a stability ball. I really need to work on my abs and arms & I hate using the machines at the gym. I noticed when I was a member at 24 hr. Fitness I hated the machines, at the Y I used them, now at the military gym I am back to no. I think a lot of it has to do with the people around me. I am still trying to "find my place" in the gym. If that makes sense. My husband left today for 3 weeks so if I do this everyday I hope he notices some difference.

I used to track my breakfast well I ate. That was when I went to work between 9-10. Now I leave the house at 7:20 & I am finding that I can not track in the computer before work like I used to. So now I will right it in here then transfer it.

Really trying to get out of the rut. I have maintained my current weight to long. I did try on a couple of things that I didn't feel comfortable enough to wear out (my friend says I am to critical of myself) & this morning they fit!! Guess maybe I am losing inches or toning or something!!

Calories burned last week were 4575, 9 workouts, 22 km for a total of 10hrs. & 21 min.


Marcelle said...

You ended this entry with your weeks summary and I am totally blown burn a lot more calories than I do and you work out double and more hours a week than I do...girl you have become a machine, I will be coming to you for a workout and a half ~ as you coming to me would be pointless now as you out do me totally, I am so impressed, want to give you a huge hug and say...fantastic!!!

You are very hard on yourself as you have lost so much weight...ask me as I see your weight every Thursday and its a loss each week...I feel I need to keep up with you now.

German bread is about 127 calories a slice....3 points!

I wanted to rejoin WW online in Feb, but after today have changed my mind, calorie counting is the way to go forward..
I am eating 100x better now but not eating half what I used to eat when was eating the aspartame filled foods, and feel the only way one can do WW is to eat the diet products with low points.
So...going to get my calorie counting going again, have it on my phone which will help me when I am away from the computer...

Sarah said...

I agree WW was great but when it comes to eating a healthier way they are not the way to go. Thanks for everything you do for me as well. I love knowing that I have someone that is keeping me in check with my weight! As for running you can & still will run circles around me.

dawne said...

Look who's back!!! Welcome back Sarah baby! I know all about maintaining for so long, but THEN I realize it's a miracle I've maintained this long. It's a broken pattern of losing and regaining. I also want to lose these last few pounds now though.

The sun will come out tomorrow... Do you take Vitamin D in the winter months? If not, I would inquire with a health professional about it. It is highly recommended for Canadian winters and the lack of sunlight. I find it makes a huge difference in how I feel.

CINDER said...

Great to see your post again-
I think you are doing great- what a great idea with the zumba music and dancing in kitchen- I love it !!
Any movement helps- I too struggle on gloom days- plus I think I have seasonal depression at times....

Fran said...

Sarah you're a rocking, dancing workout machine. Holy moly what a great workout week!

The bread is fine for lunch (I eat it too at lunch), it's fulfulling, much better than crackers. I love your breakfast too by the way.

I think you are being to hard on yourself, you're working so hard and making the right choices. Even yesterday you didn't eat because of the weather but instead kept yourself busy.

You're doing great.

Sunshine Mama said...

A stability ball is GREAT!

I like cranking up the music too, and sunny days. That vitamin D sounds interesting that Dawne mentioned. Maybe I'll try it too.

stefanie said...

There you are! I have been wondering what you've been up to! :)